Water-Based NdFeB Search Magnet

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  • Water-Based NdFeB Search Magnet, 500 lbs Pull Force Retrieving Treasure Hunting Magnet, Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Retrieval Magnets for Water-Based Searches, Powerful Neodymium Fishing Magnet, POT Magnet for River or lake fishing

    Water-Based NdFeB Search Magnet Specifications:
    Model: MPCOSFM-12
    Size: 2.95inch (75mm) height x 0.70inch (17.8mm) thickness.
    Colour: Silver.
    Eyebolt: M10
    Holding Force: 500 lbs
    Coating: NiCuNi Triple Layer Coated
    Material: NdFeB Magnet + Steel plate + Eyebolt

    This monster magnet is great for:
    -River or lake fishing (enjoy a fun time with family or friends!)
    -Magnet fishing
    -Underwater treasure hunting / retrieving lost or discarded items and historical artifacts
    -Scrap salvaging
    -Holding / hanging tools and/or other items
    -Retrieving applications

    Do you enjoy searching for lost treasures underwater? Or simply looking to spend some quality time river fishing with the family? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Neodymium Retrieval Magnets for Water-Based Searches
    This listing is for a super strong Neodymium fishing magnet. It has a combined pull force of 500lbs. This magnet has a triple layer coating of NiCuNi, which gives it great durability in underwater conditions.

    For 500 LB Round Neodymium Magnet:
    This river or lake Fishing Magnet has 500lb holding power. This neodymium round base magnet is made of a super strong neodymium magnet encased inside a chrome plated steel cup. The neodymium magnet is bonded inside of the cup with adhesives. At the same time, the steel cup also protects the magnet from being damaged when frequently used.

    Please note that the combined pull force of 500lbs is tested on an unpainted horizontal steel plate. In situations where it’s mounted vertically or on a painted surface, or where there is partial contact between the magnet and a metal object, the pull force may be reduced.

    Here are the basic steps how to magnet fish:
    Obtain a powerful magnet that has an eye or hook to attach a rope to it.
    Learn to tie some knots and secure the magnet eye/hook using one of these knots.
    Before throwing your magnet into water test your magnet by retrieving items on dry land first.
    When you are confident enough in your equipment find a suitable local body of water.
    For canals, the drop and drag method works well, for lakes you can simply throw and retrieve.