Tube Radial Magnetization Ferrite Magnet

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  • Tube Radial Magnetization Ferrite Magnet
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  • Tube Radial Magnetization Ferrite Magnet, Anisotropic Multipole Ferrite Ring Magnet for water pump injection moulding rotors, Anisotropic Injection Ferrite Radial Rings, Radially Oriention Ring Ferrite Permanent Magnets

    Tube Radial Magnetization Ferrite Magnet Feature:
    Model: Customized
    Grade: HF8/22, Y25,Y36
    Shape: Ring or Cylinder
    Dimensions: Customized
    Br: 2100-4500 Gs
    Hcj: 1650-3400 Oe
    Surface Gauss: /
    Other: Counter bore in both sides, slotting in both side
    Applications: Water Pump

    Widely used in water pump injection moulding rotors,
    1) Wet anisotropic ferrite,
    2) 2 poles magnetized diametrically,
    3) Y30BH Sr(strontium) ferrite, surface gauss is up to 1700 Gs,
    4) Tolerance of out diameter is +0/-0.05, to guarantee perfect concentricity,
    5) the groove/slotting and oval shape inner hole ensure the stablity of plastic injection.


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    Magnetism Testing to test the performance. Ferrite Hook Magnets White