Telescoping Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick Up Tool 50LB

/Telescoping Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick Up Tool 50LB
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick Up Tool 50LB
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  • Telescoping Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick Up Tool 50LB, Magnetic Pickup Tools, Magnetic Pick Up Hand Tool Parts for Cars, Trucks & SUVs, Long Extended Magnetic Pickup Arm Rod, Powerful Telescoping Aluminum Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

    Telescoping Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick Up Tool 50LB Features:
    Item No. MPPU-8009
    Pickup tool with claw
    To pick up the things where you cann’t get it by your hand
    Magnet hold up to 50lbs
    Handle Arm extends length from 23″ – 39″
    Magnet Material Powerful Neodymium Magnet

    Telescoping Aluminum Magnetic Pick-Up Tool is ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas. Powerful magnet quickly and easily picks up small ferrous metal, nails, screws, or fasteners from work areas and job sites on demand!
    Telescoping handle and pivoting magnet heads for easy storage and transport!
    Extended 39” handle length
    Extremely powerful rare earth magnet
    50 lbs pick up strength!

    This handy Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool from MPCO will help keep your shop clean. The long extended reach gives you almost 40 in. to cover all the hard to reach areas of your work space. Small items like nuts, bolts, screws and washers will collect on the magnet with ease if you need to retrieve them from the floor.
    50 lbs. of magnetic pull
    3.25 in. Dia magnet
    Materials: metals, plastic
    Ergonomic grip handle
    Magnet diameter: 3.25 in.
    Shaft length: 24 in.
    Shaft length (fully extended): 39.5 in.

    Cleaning up damaging nails, screws and metal scraps or retrieve dropped tools and parts from hard to reach areas has never been easier with the Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool by MPCO.
    Featuring a 50 pound weight capacity, and comfortable handle for control, this extendable magnet pick up tool is an ideal way to prevent injury from sharp metal objects, and is perfect for use in a shop, home garage, or yard!
    DURABLE DESIGN AND STRONG MAGNET- magnetic pick-up tool is built to last and is constructed using high quality materials. The 50 pounds of pull allows you to pick up a wide range of items with the powerful magnet.
    EXTENDABLE WITH GRIP HANDLE- The long extended handle of this telescoping tool extends to 40 inches to help you easily secure small items from hard to reach places without having to strain yourself or bend over. Additionally, the ergonomic grip handle was made to fit your hand and provides comfort when using this Stalwart tool. flexible claw pickup magnetic hand tool
    PORTABLE MULTIUSE PICK UP TOOL- The telescoping shaft collapse to 24 inches for efficient and compact storage and portability.
    Extends to 40 inches and collapse to 24 inches. Red ergonomic easy grip handle and a 3.25-inch diameter 50 lb. magnetic head.

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