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  • Telescopic Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool
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  • Telescopic Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool w/ Claw, Retractable Retrieving Magnet, Strong Magnetic Pickup Screws Scalable Collector Probe Rod Repair Tool, Mini-Flex Magnetic Pick-up Tool for Auto Repair, Flexible Magnetic Retrieving Tools China Supplier

    Telescopic Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool with Red Handle Features:
    Item No. MPPU-87
    Handle Color Red
    Flexible, spring steel body, not magnetic
    Overall length 24″ (600mm)

    About Magnets & Pick Up Tools
    Beyond refrigerator décor and the playthings of our childhood, magnets can be used for many jobs big and small. Magnetic tool holders keep your hand tools organized and more readily accessible, while horseshoe magnets can help pick up heavier objects or several tiny metal items, like nails, at once.
    Many pick up tools also incorporate magnets to help you retrieve things that are either out of reach or too small to grab by hand. These grabber tools are often designed with long arms and a hand lever making them easy to use. Some grabbers are even collapsible and fit neatly into your pocket when not in use.
    Magnets can be extremely helpful and great solutions to help simplify tasks, attach objects to different surfaces or hold things in place. For more information or help finding the specific magnet you need, visit MPCO.

    This magnetic and flexible claw pick-up tool is 600mm long and has a flexible shaft. Suitable for retrieving nuts and bolts, non-ferrous objects, etc. from engine bays and confined spaces.
    Magnetic pick-up tool.
    Flexi claw pick-up tool.
    Ideal ways for retrieving components in deep engine bays and confined spaces.
    600mm long (Magnet 27 x 24 x 12mm)

    Widely used in workshop, parking lot, lawn, warehouse even air port….
    Magnetic Pick Up Tools are precision made instruments for the picking up of small metal parts such as nuts, bolt, screws, spring tools and so on in difficult to access spaces, either in the scientific laboratory or the home kitchen, automotive garage.
    powerful telescopic magnetic pickup tool can reach long and shrink very easily. Very convenient to take it in your cars and pockets. Magnetic Pick-up tool can be bent to reach almost any location to help you solve difficult retrieving problem. telescopic magnetic extending pick up tool

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