Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) SmCo Bar Stick Magnets

/Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) SmCo Bar Stick Magnets
  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) SmCo Bar Stick Magnets
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  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) SmCo Bar Stick Magnets D8xH10mm, Anisotropic Samarium Cobalt Rare Earth SmCo Cylindrical Magnets for various motors, instruments, sensors, detectors, radar, Magnetic Raw Materials High Performance High Temperature Permanent Rod Bar Shaped Motor Generator Magnets, Powerful Sintered Samarium Cobalt Cylinder Magnet China Supplier

    Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) SmCo Bar Stick Magnets Item NO.  MPCO-SCR series
    Grade: YXG-30 / Customized
    Material: SmCo Magnet
    Composite: Sm,Co,Fe and other trace metal elements
    Shape: Cylindrical / Cylinder / Bar / Rod
    Size: D8xH10mm or Customized magnet size
    Working Tempt. : 250℃-350 ℃
    Tolerance: +/-0.05mm~+/-0.1mm

    Surface-mount technology (SMT)–From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD). In industry, it has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire leads into holes in the circuit board. Both technologies can be used on the same board, with the through-hole technology used for components not suitable for surface mounting such as large transformers and heat-sinked power semiconductors.

    By employing SMT, the production process speeds up, but the risk of defects also increases due to component miniaturization and to the denser packing of boards. In those conditions, the detection of failures has become critical for any SMT manufacturing process.

    An SMT component is usually smaller than its through-hole counterpart because it has either smaller leads or no leads at all. It may have short pins or leads of various styles, flat contacts, a matrix of solder balls (BGAs), or terminations on the body of the component. High Temperature Sm2Co17 SMT Permanent Magnet Stick Disc D18X5mm

    Samarium Cobalt cylinder magnets are great for use in many applications, especially where temperatures above 250C are present. This includes applications such as aerospace magnets, medical magnets, automotive magnets, sensor magnets, and consumer electronics magnets. Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Cylinder / Rod Magnet

    We mainly produce sintered and bonded NdFeB, Smco, Alnico and Ferrite magnet. The annual capacity of our company is– Sintered NdFeB: 2,000 tons, Bonded NdFeB: 800 tons, Alnico magnet: 500 tons, Ferrite: 10000 tons and 4500 tons of magnetic core. We can make high energy products up to N55, N52, N48H, N46SH, N45, 42M, 42H, etc. We have got the license to export to America. Sintered SmCo Axial Magnetized Small Rod Stick Magnets D5xH7mm

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