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  • Square Ceramic Ceiling Hanging Magnet, plastic (PVC) casing ceramic pot magnets, block ceiling magnetic system, Durable ABS plastic covered mounted Ceramic magnet, magnetic hanging hook system, block Ceiling pot magnet with eyebolt China factory

    Square Ceramic Ceiling Hanging Magnet Part No. MPCOCHM-58
    Length 58mm
    Width 58mm
    Height 15mm
    Direction Of Magnetism Through Height
    Magnet Type Strontium Ferrite
    Magnet Grade Y30
    Pull Force (Kgs) 15 Kgs
    Maximum Temperature 250°C

    Our  ceiling hanging Ceramic pot magnet has a length of 58mm, a width of 58mm and a height of 15mm. This holding magnet has a pull force of fifteen kilograms before releasing. (on a 3mm mild steel plate), Customers can identify our Ceramic ceiling hanging magnet.

    Uses for our Ceramic Ceiling Magnet:
    Inside a plastic (PVC) casing sits a mounted Ceramic magnet. This magnet has been made like a pot magnet so the steel surrounding inside the plastic housing changes the magnetic field produced by the magnet and deflects the field to create a powerful single sided holding magnet.
    As a result of our magnets being very powerful on one side when compared to a raw magnet and because of the handy eyelet on the top of the casing, they can be used as an excellent holding tool. Retail businesses no longer have to use permanent fixtures that damage property instead now being given the opportunity to use our harmless Ceramic ceiling hanging magnet.
    Our pot magnets attach to any magnetic surface and by using the conveniently placed hole, can hang a wide range of items from signage to managing electrical cabling. Best of all they are completely removable should you need to relocate them.

    These kinds of magnets are suitable for planning and organizing in warehouses or offices. Their ease of placement and low cost make them ideal for planning purposes, graphics and holding notes against ferrous metal noticeboards. Magnetic Building Block Creative Magnet Imanes

    Strong magnets secure any size memos, notes, photos
    Work with any magnetic white or black board, lockers, file cabinets, refrigerator etc.
    Durable ABS plastic shell
    White color
    Secure bulk packing

    Please note : Picture is a representation of product assortment. Color of product received may vary based on availability. Please refer to product description for individual items. MPCO offer free sample for client, and is a China magnets manufacturer, supplier.

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