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  • Sm2Co17 Rectangular Micro Magnets, Precision Rectangle Micro Samarium Cobalt Magnets, Tiny Block Magnets for medical device, Customized Rare Earth SmCo Microsquare Blocks for electronic communications, Sm2Co17 Micro Block for Optical, Samarium Magnets for Phone Lens

    Sm2Co17 Rectangular Micro Magnets Specifications:


    Shapes: Square, Block

    Length: 0.2 to 10.0mm
    Width: 0.2 to 10.0mm
    Height: 0.2 to 5mm

    Length: ±0.005 to ±0.05mm
    Width: ±0.005 to ±0.05mm
    Height: ±0.005 to ±0.05mm

    Applications: electronic, sensor, motor, medical device, automotive, watch and communication

    Micro precision square was produced by watch gem technology is usually used in communications, medical equipment, and other precision machinery.

    Product Details

    Vertical degree
    Basic Dimensions

    SmCo, NdFeB, Ferrite, AlNiCo, Ceramic and etc.


    What is Samarium Cobalt Magnet?
    MPCO Magnetics is a professional supplier of high quality Samarium cobalt magnets ( Samarium Magnets) from China .We can supply Samarium Permanent Magnets with highest properties in China because our factory base on one famous magnetic materials institute since 1967. Our Samarium magnets are widely exported to Germany, USA, Japan, Russia, etc.The capacity is 1000 tons per year.
    The Maximum Samarium Cobalt Magnets that Mag Spring can supply:
    Disc SmCo Magnets, Diameter 120x100mm,axially magnetized.
    Block Magnets 120mm×120mm×100mm,Magnetized through 100mm.
    Small DIsc, Block or Arc, Ring SmCo Magnets can made from Big Disc or Block SmCo Magnets by cutting and grinding .
    The Minimum Diameter of SmCo magnets can be only 1mm.

    Micro Square SmCo Magnets  Production using watch gem processing technology of micro column (film), normally this product is used in high precision measuring instruments, sensors and other precision instruments.
    1. The limit deviation is ±0.005mm-±0.02mm
    2. The basic outer diameter is φ 0.2mm-φ 2.0mm, and the high is 0.5mm-3.0mm
    3. Edges and corners R&C is customization
    4. Materials include SmCo, NaFeB, ferrite magnetic material or precious stones, crystal, ceramic and other superhard materials
    SmCo Block Magnet is a common shape of SmCo Rare earth magnets. SmCo Square Magnets are perfect for high temperature application, as they can work properly at 250-300 °C. Stanford Magnets provide SmCo Block Magnets for various applications.