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  • Single Switch Welding Magnet, Magnetic Welding Holder with on/off switch/Welding Magnet/Magnetic Tool, Magnetic Welding Positioners with on/off switch, Magnet Square 45 90 Degree Small Size Strong Single Switch

    Single Switch Welding Magnet Item No. MP-MWH6005 Product Information:
    1.Material:Steel and Magnet.
    2.Dimension:4-3/8″ x 3-3/4″ x 1″ (110mm×95mm×25mm)
    4.Pull force: 30LBS
    5.Function:Multi-function–different uses for the magnetic support jig such as welding,soldering,assembly,marking-off,pipe installation and so on.
    6.The switchable magnetic clamp is well designed and robust to suit the metal fabrication and welding industry.
    7.the switchable magnetic clamps can be easily cleaned, weld spatter and other magnetic shavings and swarf easily removed by simply switching off the magnetic clamp.
    8.aving loads of set-up time on welding jobs making the switchable magnetic clamps suitable for anybody doing metal fabrication work.

    Multiple Angles Magnetic Welding Holder With ON/OFF Switch
    With this magnetic helper you don’t need to hold on during welding anymore and you can use both hands for your work. The big welding magnet is about twice as strong as the little one and works with steel, sheets, pipes, brackets and round material.
    Magnetic welding holder with on/off switch 45°, 90°, 135°. Specification 110mm x 95mm x 25mm. Pull force 30LBS
    Shape: Block
    Composite: Neodymium Magnet
    Application: Industrial Magnet
    Type: Permanent
    Application Perfect for use in garages, service stations, workshops
    Packing Double blister
    Additional features and tips
    Practical and safe: You can turn the magnetisation on and off with the switch.
    The ruler shows what side length the welding magnet has. The indicated thickness does not include the switch.
    The welding helper is delivered in this packaging.

    Magnetic Weld Holders are designed to work as an Extra Hand – It enables fast and accelerative holding of most iron objects and tools. They are widely used in iron parts welding, jointing in 90°or 45° in architecture and finish machining field. They are be used in soldering, Marking-off, Pipe installation, Supporting, Jigging, Assembly, as a Separator, Multi-Units for Heavy welding, Lifting etc. Dual-use Corner Welding Magnet

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