Segment NdFeB Magnets for AC and DC Flange Hoist Motors

/Segment NdFeB Magnets for AC and DC Flange Hoist Motors
  • Segment NdFeB Magnets for AC and DC Flange Hoist Motors
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  • Segment NdFeB Magnets for AC and DC Flange Hoist Motors, OR18xIR14x45deg.x20 mm Powerful NdFeB Rare Earth Arc Segment Permanent Magnets N45 Flange Motor Elevator Magnet, Neodymium-Iron-Boron Super Magnet

    Segment NdFeB Magnets for AC and DC Flange Hoist Motors Parameter
    Part No.: NSGN45-63
    Materials: NdFeB, grade N45 (can be customized)
    Maximum Temperature: 80 Degree Celsius
    Size: OR18xIR14x45deg.x20 mm
    Coating: Nickel (NiCuNi)
    Magnetization: Inside Curve to Outside Curve
    1 lot = Half N Pole Outside
    +Half S Pole Outside

    Neodymium magnets (NdFeB), commonly known as ‘rare earth’ magnets are high-performance permanent magnets constructed from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. They are true permanent magnets and will not lose their magnetism unless they are heated to a temperature which exceeds the maximum operating temperature rating or their protective plating is damaged and water ingress causes rusting, which over time will magnetically and mechanically damage the magnets.

    Rare Earth permanent magnet (NdFeB) has the strongest magnetism nowadays. It does not only has high remanence, high coercivity, high energy product, and high-functional, but also it can processed into a variety of sizes easily. Now, it is widely used in avigation, spaceflight, electron, electrical sound, electrical machinery, apparatus, meters, medical technology, and especially apply to develop high-performance, small and light replacements. N42H Strong Generator Permanent Magnets for Flange Hoist Motor

    Arc neodymium magnets or segment NdFeB Magnets is one basic shape of Rare earth magnets and permanent magnets. Our factory produce and manufacture magnets according to customer’s design on shape, dimension, grades, coatings etc.
    To offer you our arc neodymium magnets price,please offer the following details :
    Magnets grade : from N35 To N54 ,from N Series to UH Series.
    Magnets size : Outer Diameter Or Outer Radius,Inner Diameter or Inner Radius ,Degree of Angle,Thickness,Length ,Round Edge etc.
    Magnetism direction : which direction to oriented The north pole and south pole
    Magnets coating : Nickel ,Zn,Black Epoxy,Ag,Au Etc.
    Quantities: More mass order the price more lower. Original factory .

    Heavy duty, replacement motors for your existing machines.
    AC and DC Flange Hoist Motors directly replace existing motors on virtually all popular machines. Imperial Electric motors are the definition of heavy duty construction, designed to provide reliable service year after year.

    Long life expectancy
    Heavy duty construction
    Drop in replacement availability
    Quiet operation
    Available through 100 HP
    Mounts for Flexible Couplings

    Drip-proof enclosure
    600–1,800 rpm
    Single and two bearing designs
    Encoder and encoder mounting options
    Hot rolled steel shafts
    UL/CSA CUS Certified

    Geared traction elevators
    AC VVVF with encoders, low slip
    AC across-the-line, high slip
    AC 2-speed, high slip
    DC shunt or compound wound