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Primary Competitive Advantages:
  • We are A Professional Permanent Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies Company Operating Since 2004
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  • We Ship Worldwide
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    Rotor Magnetic Components, Magnet with metal assemblies and solutions introduction

    With our many years magnetic application experience, we could offer the optimized magnet application solutions. We can provide you with different kinds of assembly including rotor, stator, shaft, ditch magnet, cartridge filter, magentic lock, ctric clutches & brakes etc.

    Proprietary technology and advantages
    1. It is customized according to your need
    2. We could provide magnetic solution for your application design
    3. Provide magnetic assembly with high performance, high precision, high corrosion resistance etc.
    4. We provide various types of shaft, including the screw shaft, gear shaft, worm shaft and so on

    Application Field
    The products involved in areas such as home appliances, cameras, computers, communications, automotive, machinery, instruments, mining etc. Magentic Rotor Component