Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets with Metal Ends

/Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets with Metal Ends
  • Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets with Metal Ends
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    Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets with Metal Ends SPECIFICATIONS
    Part No.: MPCO-COW-05
    Material: Ferrite (Ceramic)
    Shape: Cylinder / Rod / Bar
    Finish: Stainless Steel (ss304)
    End Caps: Metal
    Length: 3.375 inch
    Outer Diameter: 0.75 inch
    Multi-poled, ceramic & stainless steel assembly cow magnet with metal ends.
    This product can be used to prevent or treat hardware disease in cattle; a disease that is caused by the ingestion of metal objects.
    Magnets are often fed to cows to prevent hardware disease and to get rid of any metal objects they may have ingested while eating their regular food. This strong, segmented magnet is available with a plastic or metal end. 3/4 inch diameter by 3-3/8 inch length.

    Why “Cow” magnet? Farmers often place one of these cow magnets in the cow’s stomach to attract nails or small pieces of iron that the cow ingests. This prevents damage to a cow’s stomach or “Hardware Disease”.

    The patented design of the Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets improves upon the quality and longevity of the original heavy-duty rumen magnet. In comparison, the cow magnet is:
    Durable Its durable structure boasts plated, solid steel end caps for corrosion prevention and a solid steel connector rod through the core to reduce breakage in shipping and handling. No plastic parts involved.
    Stronger Magnetizaton before assembly creates a consistent pulling force from each section along the length of the magnet and enhances its overall strength.
    Superior Characteristically, the Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets has rounder ends and is slightly heavier than the original heavy-duty cow magnet. These qualities make it easier for the magnet to travel to the stomach and stay there.
    Measures .75” dia. x 3.375” L

    What are Cow Magnets?
    Cow magnets are rod magnets with rounded ends. They are usually about 3.375 ” long and 0.75″ diameter. These are popular with dairy farmers and veterinarians to help prevent Hardware Disease in their cattle. While grazing, cows eat everything from grass and dirt to nails, staples and bits of bailing wire (referred to as tramp iron). Tramp iron tends to lodge in the honeycombed walls of the reticulum, threatening the surrounding vital organs and causing irritation and inflammation, known as Hardware Disease. The cow loses her appetite and decreases her milk output (dairy cows), or her ability to gain weight (feeder stock). Cow magnets help prevent this disease by attracting stray metal from the folds and crevices of the rumen and reticulum. One magnet works for the life of the cow!

    Applications: Prevent Hardware Disease
    Competitive Advantages
    Non-toxic and non-corrosive
    Stable Magnetic force
    Round ends easy to reach cow stomach

    Item Description: Two pieces Ni plated steel caps, five pieces ring ferrite magnet with Ni plated steel spacers between them. One aluminium shaft.
    Packaging Type: 12pcs pack inner foma box and 12 foma boxes with one carton. Ferrite Cow Stomach Magnet with Plastic Ends
    Inner box size: 8.4X8.2X6.3cm
    Master carton size: 31.3X21.9X16cm

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