Ring Radial Magnetized Magnet Sintered NdFeB

/Ring Radial Magnetized Magnet Sintered NdFeB
  • Ring Radial Magnetized Magnet Sintered NdFeB
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  • Ring Radial Magnetized Magnet Sintered NdFeB, N40SH Whole Radial Oriented Ring Magnets for Germany Motor Customer, Rare-Earth Neodymium Ring Radial Magnet, Anistropic Ring Magnet, High Corrosion Resistance Multi-Pole Neodymium Magnets for Actuators

    Ring Radial Magnetized Magnet Sintered NdFeB for Germany Motor Customer Feature:
    Material NdFeB
    Grade N40SH
    Size  R 36.8 x r 25 x 19.6 mm / Customer design drawing
    Tolerance +/-0.05mm
    Coating Nickel (NICUNI)
    Magnetization Radial
    Salty spray testing (SST) 500 Hours
    Max Working Temperature 150 Degree
    Certifications ISO9001, TS16949, CE, ROHS, SGS, etc.

    Neodymium magnets are magnetic elements with greater remanence and high coercivity. Thanks to its magnetic properties, the neodymium magnet is the most powerful on the market, being the most used in the industrial sector.
    Neodymium magnets in equal size with other magnets, such as ferrite, are stronger, even in some cases, being smaller, can withstand more strength. N38H Permanent Neodymium Ring Radial Magnetization Magnet

    Radial Ring magnets can be manufactured as a single magnet but with limitation on size. Single radial ring magnets are limited to 60mm on the OD, 12mm on the ID, and approximately 10mm on the thickness. These single pieces can be magnetized with the same pole all around the OD, or alternating poles on the OD. Radial Rings made in a single piece usually include separate tooling charges for manufacturing and the magnetizing fixtures.

    MPCO has been assisting Corporate customers for many years with their custom radial ring magnet and magnetic assembly applications. Whole Radial Oriented Ring Magnets for Germany Motor Customer

    MPCO works with Corporate customers to optimize their design and then manufacture the specific ring magnet or magnetic assembly to meet the required spec. MPCO has their own ISO certified factories and controls the entire manufacturing process. For assistance from a technical representative at MPCO.

    Neodymium Anisotropic Sintered Ring Magnet Major Uses
    1.Spingle motor for HDDs, FDDs
    2.Servomotor for robots, machinery
    3.Electrical motors for power steering in automobiles, etc.

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