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  • Rectangular Sewing Magnet Button 25.6 mmx 6 mmx 1.4 mm, PVC Sewing Neodymium Magnet Button, Invisible Hidden PVC Sew in Magnets, Sew-In Magnetic Snap, invisible PVC magnetic clasp Waterproof clothing magnetic buttons China supplier

    Rectangular Sewing Magnet Button  Specifications:
    Item No.: NSWN35-R25061.5
    Snap size(Length x Width x Height): 25 mmx 6 mmx 1.5 mm;
    Square pvc size(Length x Width): 42mmx20mm
    Shape: Rectangle, Block, Rectangular
    Raw material: rare earth Permanent neodymium magnet
    Grade: N35-n52 (other grade need to production )
    Coating: Nickle(other coating available)
    Magnetism: Axially(N & S pole on the flat ends)
    Color: Clear
    Working temperature: 80 ℃
    Order information: Magnet grade + Coating + Quantity
    Service: OEM & ODM available
    Hidden Invisible Sew-In Magnets PVC Closure Purse Fastener Clear Handbags Button
    Snap is covered with a PVC for sewing your snap into your application
    Magnetic button for easy opening and closing
    Easy to sew over with machine, making it completely invisible on the outside of the bag
    Use on bags, totes, backpacks, jacket pockets, purses and so on.

    The pair of magnet can be attached to both the side of the finished article. The magnet is marked with a positive and negative sign. The positive sign magnet in our pocket example should be sewn into the flap of the pocket, whereas the negative sign magnet is sewn just opposite the pocket material. Both the positive and negative sign magnets should be faced towards each other. The magnetic force of the strong magnet enables it to pull towards each other through the two intervening layers of fabric.

    The sewing magnets come in different sizes such as small, medium as well as large. The key factor of the magnets is the thickness. Even a slight difference in thickness may cause a big difference in the strength. Sewing magnets also come with desired steel and plastic cover. The plain magnets are applied by sewn into pockets of material, while the plastic layered magnets can be attached with sew thread to hold the magnet in proper place. But the protective plastic cover protects the magnet from the effect of moisture and possible corrosion. However sometimes it has been seen that magnets without cover demonstrate slightly stronger pull forces. pvc sewing neodymium magnet button