Rectangular Ferrite Organisation Magnet

/Rectangular Ferrite Organisation Magnet
  • Rectangular Ferrite Organisation Magnet
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  • Rectangular Ferrite Organisation Magnet, Plastic Coated Block Ferrite Magnets for lockers, glass whiteboards, refrigerators, Plastic Coated Memo Magnets, Assorted colors office & home organisation ferrite magnets, Flat Rectangular Ceramic magnetic buttons, Plastic mounting magnet China supplier

    Rectangular Ferrite Organisation Magnet Features:
    Modle No. MP-BOFM55
    Magnet: Hard Ferrite / Ceramic
    Length L 55mm
    Width W 22.5mm
    Highth H 8.5mm
    Weight (kg): 0,0256
    Pull Force (kg): 1.5
    Color: Blue, Grey, Black, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Green, Yellow or customer’s request
    Magnetization: Magnetized Through the Thickness

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    Plastic Coated Block Ferrite Magnets

    Plastic Coated Block Ferrite Magnets

    Magnets are contained in a clear premium plastic case, It can keep magnets tidy and case not easy out of shape. The case protect magnet from water and dust for your next project.

    rectangular organisation magnet with hard ferrite core. the diversity of available colors can be set on the wall colour accents.
    MAGNETS HOLD UP TO 11 PIECES OF PAPER – These refrigerator magnets are heavy duty for their size! Each magnet in this 24 set can hold up to 11 pieces of paper!
    GREAT FOR HOME OR OFFICE – Our magnets are versatile! Use on refrigerators, whiteboards, calendars, lockers, and bulletin boards. Use in the office & classroom! home office organization magnets
    NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GLASS – These magnets do not work on a glass whiteboard.

    Modle No. Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Pull Force (Kg)
    L W H
    MP-BOFM55 55 22.5 8.5 0,0256 1,5
    MP-BOFM37 37 22 7.5 0,013 1,1
    MP-BOFM35 35 35 9 0,018 1
    MP-BOFM24 24 24 7 0,009 0,650
    MP-BOFM21 21 12.5 6.5 0,005 0,300
    MP-BOFM11 11 11 6.5 0,0015 0,150