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  • Radially Aligned Sintered NdFeB Magnets
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    Radially Aligned Sintered NdFeB Magnets Parameter:
    1) OD ≤150mm, Majority of product less than 60mm 2) ID ≥9mm 3) High(H) ≤100mm, No more than 10 times of thickness
    2. Tolerance (mm)
    1) OD: Normal: ±0.05, Min: ±0.03
    2) ID: Normal: ±0.05, Min: ±0.04;
    3) High (H): Normal:±0.1,Min±0.06
    4) Concentricity: Normal: ≤0.1,Min: ≤0.05;
    5):Surface runout: OD ≤ 30mm, runout ≤0.1mm. OD increase 10mm, runout will increased by 0.1mm accordingly
    3. Magnetic Performance Parameters
    1)EH Grade: Up to 33 EH 2) UH Grade: Up to 38 UH 3) SH Grade: Up to 42 SH 4) H Grade: Up to 45H 5) M,N grade, up to 45M, 45N.
    4. Surface treatment: Epoxy, Ni, NiCuNi, Zn
    5. Directions of Magnetization: As per customer’s specific requirement

    Radially Aligned Sintered NdFeB Magnets – This new technology for the production of sintered NdFeB, improves the magnetic flux generated by single “ segment” or “ skew “ magnets, better efficiency performances on the engine.

    The advantages of radial sintered magnets are significant:
    Rings measure up to 120mm in diameter.
    Radial sintering assures no “weak spots”.
    Magnets are multi-poled – ring does not compromise the magnetic properties.
    Magnetizing radially makes for a super strong magnet.

    Brushless Motors / Pancake Motors / DC PM Motors / Step Motors
    Magnetic Closing Systems
    Magnetic Systems for relé
    Machines and Accesory for industry
    Magnetic Tools
    Magnetic Separators

    Advantage of product:
    1. Motor assembly is made much easier, installation of one or more rings than gluing arcs into place and no need to add protecting cover, simple and quick.
    2. Radial ring directly determines the shape tolerance, the tolerance of outer and inner diameter can achieve ±0.04mm, and has the good coaxiality and verticality.
    3. Simple mechanism and good reliability.
    4. Improve the motor performance.
    5. The radial magnetization increases the ring’s magnetic force, provide a possibility of unique design by truly different magnetic circuit.

    Sintered NdFeB rings are available as standard, countersunk ID or radially orientated.

    MPCO can offer a wide variety of NdFeB Grades (fully Licensed) and with different coating options. Also available, fully sintered radially orientated NdFeB Rings. These can be magnetised multipole with either a standard pole pattern or with skewed poles to help reduce cogging. Radially Oriented NdFeB Ring Magnets

    This is an ideal product for motors and drives where Arc segments are currently used. It will speed up assembly and help to cut costs. Specialised Tooling is required so this would suite High End or High Volume application.