Radial Inflow Turbine SmCo Samarium Segment Magnets

/Radial Inflow Turbine SmCo Samarium Segment Magnets
  • Radial Inflow Turbine SmCo Samarium Segment Magnets
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  • Radial Inflow Turbine SmCo Samarium Segment Magnets, High Work Temp Turbomachinery Compressor Permanent Motor Generator SmCo Magnet, Super strong rare earth curved tile arc segment magnets, precision Samarium Cobalt Turbocharger Assembly magnets, Powerful stator and rotor magnet China supplier

    Radial Inflow Turbine SmCo Samarium Segment Magnets YX-18S Item No. MPCO-SMOS  series
    Customzied Specific Requirements
    OEM or ODM service: Accept
    Dimension: Customized size
    Custom Grade: SmCo5,  Sm2Co17
    Magnetization direction: Thickness, Length, Axially, Diametre, Radially, Multipolar
    Surface Treatment: UNCOATED, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Ni-cu-Ni. Epoxy etc.
    Tolerance: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm
    Application: SmCo rare earth permanent magnets are widely applied in Auto, energy-efficient Motors and Generators, Machinery, Audio/Video and Communication Equipment, Medical Device(MRI), Office Automation, Magnetic Separator, etc.

    A radial turbine is a turbine in which the flow of the working fluid is radial to the shaft. The difference between axial and radial turbines consists in the way the fluid flows through the components (compressor and turbine). Whereas for an axial turbine the rotor is ‘impacted’ by the fluid flow, for a radial turbine, the flow is smoothly orientated perpendicular to the rotation axis, and it drives the turbine in the same way water drives a watermill. The result is less mechanical stress (and less thermal stress, in case of hot working fluids) which enables a radial turbine to be simpler, more robust, and more efficient (in a similar power range) when compared to axial turbines. When it comes to high power ranges (above 5 MW) the radial turbine is no longer competitive (due to its heavy and expensive rotor) and the efficiency becomes similar to that of the axial turbines. High Work Temp SmCo Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnet for Motor Turbine

    Smco magnet is a kind of rare earth magnets retains a high curie temperture and BH max. They are widely used in high working temperature applications. There are two versions of SmCo magnet. SmCo5 and Sm2Co17.
    Working temperature : 250-350℃
    Curie Temperature: 825℃
    Br temperature coiffecient : – 0.035%/℃ magnets
    Ignition (car)
    Magnetization system
    Magnetic processing instrument
    Microwave object
    Medical instrument.
    Moulding & Magnetization:
    Mould(magnetization) in height side magnetic situation.
    Mould (megnetization)_in horizontal side magnetic situation.
    When samarium magnets at or over its highest working temperature,it will lose its magnetism 10% after use it.
    Physical feature:
    The physical feature of samarium magnets are very brittle,they are much weaker than pottery.
    Surface treatment:
    Smco magnets will never get corrosions,so they are do not need any platings.
    Magnetism Properties:
    Smco magnets are strong magnetism rare earth magnets,Its’ magnetism is about 70% of neodymium magnets. The magnetism of sm2co17 is much higher than SmCo5. Sintered SmCo Segment Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
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    Samarium Cobalt Turbocharger Assembly tile magnets

    Samarium Cobalt Turbocharger Assembly tile magnets

    Samarium cobalt magnet is mainly formed by the metal samarium, cobalt and some other rare earth elements of the permanent magnet.It has a high magnetic energy product, super low temperature coefficient,and the operating temperature can up to 300 ℃.At the same time, it has a strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Therefore, SmCo magnetic steel usually does not need to be electroplated, and is widely used in motors, meters, sensors, engines, radar and for other high-tech fields.

    SmCo Arc Magnet is a common shape of SmCo Rare earth magnets. SmCo Magnets are perfect for high temperature application, as they can work properly at 250-300 °C. We provide SmCo Arc Magnets for various applications.

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