Powerful Neodymium Block Magnet Embedded In Steel Channel

/Powerful Neodymium Block Magnet Embedded In Steel Channel
  • Powerful Neodymium Block Magnet Embedded In Steel Channel
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  • 75 Pound Powerful Neodymium Block Magnet Embedded In Steel Channel, Cabinets & Doors U-Channel Magnet with Countersink Mounting Holes, Bar Magnet in Channel, Magnetic Door Latch, channel holding magnets, NdFeB block magnets channels assemblies, Magnetic Device, powerful U-shaped magnetic assemblies China Supplier

    75 Pound Powerful Neodymium Block Magnet Embedded In Steel Channel Specifications:
    Item No.: MP-NdCM-82C
    Magnet Material: Neodymium
    Material: Block Neodymium Magnet + U-shape Steel Plates
    Shape: Channel
    Size: L 3 1/4″ x W 1/2″ x T 1/4″
    Pull: 75 LBS
    Plating: Nickel / Zinc

    Rare Earth, Neodymium Chanel Magnets also known as Cabinet Magnets Extremely useful in cabinetry and other functions where attachment to a non magnetic surface such as wood, plastics or non magnetic metals is desired. Cabinet magnets or channel magnets are shaped specifically for cabinet doors. The strength you select would be directly related to the task in that cabinet doors in an R.V. would require a stronger pull than you would need to use in a stationary kitchen. Magnet Embedded In Steel Channel

    Channel magnet gets its name exactly from its structure. It shares the same working principle with round shape pot magnet that conduct magnetic field strength via the steel channel to have alternating-pole pattern on the holding face so that high holding force can be obtained.

    Bar Neodymium Magnets Embedded In Steel Channel

    Bar Neodymium Magnets Embedded In Steel Channel

    These neodymium channel magnets have two countersunk holes on the narrow steel channels instead of the magnets which keeps the magnets from cracking when tightening the screws. When the countersunk holes are on the magnets you will get into a dilemma between the enough torque for the screws and not cracking the magnets. An alternative solution as a gun or magazine holder for gun collections. Also good for door magnets or magnetic latches. This neodymium channel magnet is made of a super strong neodymium magnet encased close inside a chrome plated steel channel that triples the holding force to 75 lbs which is 15 pounds stronger than an equivalently sized standard channel magnet! At the same time the steel channel also protects the magnet which may become damaged from being damaged during day to day use if the channel was not present. Each channel magnet measures 3 1/4″ in length 1/2″ wide and 1/4″ with a hole on each end meant for #6 wood screws. It’s perfect for use as an extra heavy duty magnet holders to keep tools and hardware in one place cabinet latch or even as an extra secure mount for moveable lighting or cameras. These cabinet magnets are popular with cabinet makers school teachers machinists magicians students on a gate hobbyists inventors technicians diyers mars rovers (yup up there) craft magnets uses hobbies therapy storage experiments science fairs labs garages schools offices magic shops garages fasteners hinges parking lots material handling catches latches laundry rooms industrial & scientific applications tool hangers & are great door magnets for use on pantry doors plantation shutters cupboard in closets in the garage for holding tools outdoor decorations towel hangers knife holders as drapery hardware any closure refrigerator magnets scrap books drawers kitchen cabinets recoup storage space on a shutter theater props ceiling & wall treatments gun mounts string magnets displays trade shows retrieval.

    strong NdFeB block magnets channels assemblies

    strong NdFeB block magnets channels assemblies

    Neodymium channel magnets are stronger than ceramic channel magnets or standard neodymium block/bar shapes, as the steel channel concentrates most of the magnetic field to one side (the surface) of the magnet. They are plated with a triple layer of: Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel+Copper+Nickel), using an electrolytic based process for maximum protection against corrosion and oxidation.  Rectangular Channel NdFeB Magnet Assemblies

    Channel magnets can be used in both indoor & outdoor applications, they are ideal for industrial & consumer mounting holding & fixing applications where high-magnetic strength is required. NdFeB Rectangular Cabinet Magnets

    Item No. L(mm) L1(mm) W(mm) H(mm) D1(mm) D2(mm) Force(KG)
    MP-NdCM-10 10 5 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 4
    MP-NdCM-15 15 7.5 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 7
    MP-NdCM-20 20 10 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 8
    MP-NdCM-30 30 15 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 16
    MP-NdCM-40 40 30 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 17
    MP-NdCM-50 50 40 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 27
    MP-NdCM-60 60 50 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 30
    MP-NdCM-80 80 70 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 33
    MP-NdCM-100 100 90 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 36
    MP-NdCM-120 120 110 13.5 5 3.3 6.5 40
    neodymium channel holding magnet

    neodymium channel holding magnet

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