Permanent Magnetic Drive Wheel for Wall Climbing Robot

/Permanent Magnetic Drive Wheel for Wall Climbing Robot
  • Permanent Magnetic Drive Wheel for Wall Climbing Robot
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  • Permanent Magnetic Drive Wheel for Wall Climbing Robot, Sintered NdFeB Rings for Magnetic Wheel, Axial Magnetization Permanent magnet motor Magnetic Drive Wheel Assembly, Multi-pole Magnetic Wheel NdFeB

    Permanent Magnetic Drive Wheel for Wall Climbing Robot Feature:
    Item No. MPCO-MDW01
    Material: 20# Steel + Neodymium Magnet N52
    Magnetization Direction: Axially, repelling each assembly
    Attraction Surface: Curved Surface
    Application: Wall climbing robot


    Magnetic wall and ceiling climbing robots have been proposed in many industrial applications where robots must move over ferromagnetic material surfaces. The magnetic circuit design with magnetic attractive force calculation of permanent magnetic wheel plays an important role which significantly affects the system reliability, payload ability and power consumption of the robot. This wall climbing robot with four permanent magnetic wheels is proposed to climb along the vertical wall and overhead ceiling of steel cargo containers as part of an illegal contraband inspection system. The permanent magnetic wheels are designed to apply to the wall and ceiling climbing robot.

    Test result:

    One magnetic drive wheel use its curved surface to adsorb 28Kgs steel plate
    The steel plate size is 600x600x10mm
    Application: Wall Climbing Robot, It can be used to detect pipeline interior, ship surface, large steel bridge, oil and gas pipeline, and carry repair tools to repair defects.

    It has a strong adsorption capacity and is able to move on ferromagnetic material surfaces.
    Simple structure, beautiful appearance, low production cost.

    Multi-pole Magnetic Wheel NdFeB, Design of permanent magnetic wheel-type adhesion-locomotion system for water-jetting wall-climbing robot, magnetic adhesion-locomotion system

    But cost/maintenance is increased by the same factor. Assuming that one motor averages 20 years before breaking down for some reason, then that’s an acceptable life span. Having four motors of the same kind brings down the average time between maintenance to one fourth, i.e., five years. So, chances are you never get stranded due to motor failure (although probability is still not zero), but initial cost as well as maintenance frequency and cost will be four-fold. Everybody has to decide for him/herself if that is worth the added reliability of the system. The reasoning is very similar to having a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) vs. a single hard drive in your computer…

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