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  • Neodymium Magnet Stator Assembly, Magnetic Components, magnetic motor or rotor parts, magnetic assemblies, Customized NdFeB permanent magnet motor accessories, permanent magnet magnetic stator for disk type motor

    Neodymium Magnet Stator Assembly – We are mainly produce magnetic components in permanent magnet motor field, especially NdFeB permanent magnet motor accessories which can match all kinds of medium and small permanent magnet motor. The rare-earth permanent magnet motor can not only achieve high performance (such as high efficiency, special high speed, special high response speed) which the traditional electric excitation motor can’t compare, but also can be made into special motor which can meet the requirements of specific operation, such as elevator traction motor, automobile special motor and so on.


    1) magnetic torque transmission, clean and efficient
    2) big transmission torque, small size
    3) stable property ,wear free, long life time
    4)Application: PM Motor, BLDC Motor, permanent magnet Synchronous Motor, DC Motor, etc


    Manufacture of magnetic components of NdFeB, hard-ferrite and mix of NdFeB and hard-ferrite by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
    Development and manufacture of compounds for injection moulding of magnets
    Manufacture of soft-magnet cores by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
    Optimization of electronic and magnetic sub-systems
    State-of-art development and production equipment
    Highly professional and experienced personnel in the field of magnetism
    Certified management systems ( ISO 9001, )
    Cooperation with customers in development projects
    Reliable partner
    Ensured short time from an idea to the actual product
    Veriety of magnetic materials
    Technology of composites
    Integral solutions
    Different production locations
    Vertical integration in the group from raw material to products
    Wide supplier net for strategic raw materials
    Developmental partner with most of the customers
    Production flexibility (small- and large-series production)


    Highly professional and experienced personnel in the field of magnetism
    Certified management systems ( ISO 9001, )
    Cooperation with customers in development projects
    Reliable partner


    Combinations of magnetic material and geommetry approved under various combinations of physical parameters (time, T, pressure, concentration)
    Geommetry and strength of a magnetic field defined during injection moulding
    Simulation calculation as to magnetic systems
    Tool construction
    Measuring of magnetic properties
    Testing of the magnetic material
    Customer support from an idea to post-marketing activities


    Rotors are one of three vital components of a brushless motors. With the use of permanent magnets deliver continuous magnetic field, which in interaction with the field of stator coils and suitable controller enable optimal continuous operation.

    Material choices for rotor applications include variety of sintered or polymer bonded magnets covering a range of materials such as Ferrite, Nd-Fe-B, Sm-Co or Sm-Fe-N. Depending on requirements variety of magnetisation paterns covering bi or multipolar topologies are feasible.

    Stator is one of the key components of BL motor. In connection with controller, it generates a changing magnetic field in the motor and, in interaction with rotor, enables its rotation and torque transmission to the shaft. With different topologies and winding schemes, it enables motor optimization and operation adapted to a specific operating point.

    Technologies of Magnet Stator Assembly
    Injection molded rare earth magnets
    Compression molded rare earth magnets
    Sintered rare earth magnets
    Injection molded ferrites
    Rotors with glued magnets
    Overmolded rotors
    Sintered ferrite cores
    Wound components