Neodymium Hot Pressed Magnet Permanent NdFeB Hot Extrusion Ring

/Neodymium Hot Pressed Magnet Permanent NdFeB Hot Extrusion Ring
  • Neodymium Hot Pressed Magnet Permanent NdFeB Hot Extrusion Ring
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  • Neodymium Hot Pressed Magnet Permanent NdFeB Hot Extrusion Ring, BLDC Motor Compression Bonded NdFeB Rotor Magnet, Multipole Ring Diametrically Magnetized Bonded Neodymium Magnets, Radially Powerful Nd-Fe-B Tube Ring Magnet China Supplier

    Neodymium Hot Pressed Magnet Permanent NdFeB Hot Extrusion Ring Specifications:
    Dimensions:  Customized design drawing
    Tolerances: +/-0.1 mm
    Material: Compression Bonded NdFeB
    Plating/Coating: black epoxy
    Magnetization Direction: Diametrically (Poles on the curves)
    Max Operating Temp: 160ºC (Degree Celsius)
    Other: All magnets passed QC(Br. Flux.Dimensions) and 24-Hour Salt Spray Test.
    Feel free to contact us for the inventory if you need the product urgently.
    Magnet Application: Motors, Wind Power, Sensors, Computers and Peripherals, Magnetic Assemblies, Automotive, Motion Control, Aerospace, Research and Development, Communications, Medical Device and Diagnostics, Home appliance, Other magnetic applications or you can find new application according to your design.

    Radially-oriented ring magnets are a unique subset of NdFeB bonded magnets. Using proprietary technologies, a multipole ring can be sintered into a truly radial geometry. This replaces the costly and labor-intensive method of gluing arcs, bread loaves or rectangular segments onto a rotor shaft. BLDC Motor Multipole Hot Pressed Process NdFeB Rings

    MPCO Magnetics now offers high-efficiency multipole Neodymium (NdFeB) magnetic rings. These rings are revolutionizing the permanent magnet space for synchronous motors, stepper motors and DC brushless motors widely used in automotive, specialty electronics, and medical applications. Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet Ring Grade N45 OD1.26 x ID1/2 x 1/4″Thick

    Magnets are pressed to produce sintered NdFeB magnets. This process consists of combining base powders, pressing the resulting material, and then baking or sintering the resulting ring to achieve a radially magnetized product.

    Bonded Neodymium magnets are made of the powerful Nd-Fe-B material mixed into an epoxy binder. The mix is appropriately 97 vol% magnet material to 3 vol% epoxy. The manufacturing process involves combining Nd-Fe-B powder with an epoxy binder and compressing the mixture in a press and curing the part in an oven. Permanent Radiation Oriented Ring Magnets

    1.Produced with high efficiency, stability and repeatability.
    2.Magnet and other part may form together in one step.
    3.Free choice of magnetizing direction-especially for multi-polar applications.
    4.High dimensional accuracy-large quantity applications with minimum post-press machining.
    5.Thin-wall ring and complex shape magnets.
    6.High resistance to corrosion. 10-Poles Bonded NdFeB Diametrically Ring Magnet

    Typical Magnetic Properties of Compression Bonded NdFeB Magnets

    Grade1 Br
    Coercive Force
    Maximum Energy Product
    BPN4 400~500mT 240~360kA/m 640~800kA/m 29~48kJ/m3 Holder
    4000~5000Gs 3000~4500 Oe 8000~10000 Oe 3.6~6.0MGOe
    BPN6 600~700mT 360~440kA/m 640~800kA/m 48~64kJ/m3 Holder
    6000~7000Gs 4500~5500 Oe 8000~10000 Oe 6.0~8.0MGOe
    BPN8 600~700mT 400~480kA/m 640~800kA/m 60~72kJ/m3
    6000~7000Gs 5000~6000 Oe 8000~11000 Oe 7.5~9.0MGOe
    BPN8H 560~650mT 400~480kA/m 960~1200kA/m 60~72kJ/m3
    5600~6500Gs 5000~6000 Oe 12000~15000 Oe 7.5~9.0MGOe
    BPN10 650~750mT 400~480kA/m 640~800kA/m 72~88kJ/m3
    6500~7500Gs 5000~6000 Oe 8000~10000 Oe 9.0~11.0MGOe
    BPN12 650~750mT 400~480kA/m 640~800kA/m 80~96kJ/m3
    6500~7500Gs 5000~6000 Oe 8000~10000 Oe 10.0~12.0MGOe

    Typical Physical Characteristics of Compression Bonded NdFeB Magnets




    Max Operation

    Magnetic Field

    Of Coating

    BPN4 6.0~6.5 40~45 -0.11 ≥350 160 1600 5~30
    BPN6 6.0~6.2 40~45 -0.11 ≥350 160 1600 5~30
    BPN8 6.0~6.2 35~38 -0.11 ≥350 160 1600 5~30
    BPN8H 6.0~6.2 35~38 -0.12 ≥300 160 2400 5~30
    BPN10 6.0~6.2 35~38 -0.10 ≥350 160 1600 5~30
    BPN12 6.1~6.4 35~38 -0.10 ≥350 160 1600 5~30

    Note: The coating material can be chosen according to customer’s demand.

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