Neodymium Arc Auger Drive Motor Magnet

/Neodymium Arc Auger Drive Motor Magnet
  • Neodymium Arc Auger Drive Motor Magnet
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  • Neodymium Arc Auger Drive Motor Magnet, Strong Neodymium Sector Magnets  N42H/ N45H/ N48H/ N50H, L type Segment Strong Magnet, Agricultural Industries drive motor permanent magnet

    Neodymium Arc Auger Drive Motor Magnet features:
    Model Number: N35-N52,M,H,SH,UH,AH, EH
    Composite:NdFeB Magnet
    Shape:Sector magnet
    Size: custom design
    Application:Moto Magnet, Car wheel hub motor magnet
    Material:Strong neodimium magnet
    strong arc ndfeb magnet colour:nickel, silver , golden , epoxy ,znic , etc
    strong arc ndfeb magnet grade:N35-N52,42M-50M,38H-48H,35SH-44SH,30UH-40UH,30EH-38EH,30AH-33AH
    arc ndfeb motor magnet coating:Zn, Ni, Ni+Ni, Cu+Ni, Ni+Cu, Ni+Cu+Ni, Gold, Al
    Magnetizing Direction:Diametrically; Multi-pole
    Max. operating temperature:80-230 degree centigrade
    Certification:ISO9001:2008, SGS
    Environment:RoHS, MSDS

    Neodymium magnet, also named NdFeB magnet, Neo magnet & Nd magnet, is mainly made of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with strongest power among all magnetic materials. Neodymium magnet can be easily shaped with high precision, widely used to motors, rotors, wind turbines, wind generators, sensors, loudspeakers, cars, mobile phones, home appliances, medical equipment, filters, and so on. Strong Neodymium Sector Magnets for Car Wheel Hub Motor

    Surface Treatment:
    Type Surface Treatments
    Metallic Zn,Ni,Ni+Cu+Ni,Ni+Cu+Ni,Gold,Al
    Organic Epoxy,Ni+Epoxy,Parylene Coating
    Temporary Surface Passivation

    Electric motors and generators use permanent magnets. Motors use electrical energy and convert it into mechanical energy. This energy is then used for various applications from pumping water to drilling.
    Generators do the opposite. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The best examples are the simple dynamo used in bicycles for illuminating a lamp, and the huge generators used in hydropower plants.

    Auger drive motor, single phase, TEFC. Flange mount, Capacitor start.
    Mechanical protection of centrifugal switch to prevent damage to motor in case of over speed
    Manual reset thermal protection mounted in oversize conduit box
    Tan epoxy paint and thermal cover protect motor from harsh environments
    Extended shaft (fan end) with wrench flats for manual jogging of auger
    flange mounts to drive/gear box assembly
    High efficiency design
    Moisture resistant 200° C moisture resistant windings
    Common Industries
    Agricultural Industries
    Common Applications
    Poultry feed auger drive systems