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    NdFeB Anisotropic Bonded Magnet Item No. ABNM-02

    Our NdFeB anisotropic bonded magnets have world leading 25MGOe magnetic force and 150 degree heat resistance. The world’s strongest NdFeB magnets were discovered in 1982 and produced as sintered magnets and isotropic bonded magnets. Isotropic bonded magnets lose their magnetic properties over time, so for twenty years many worked to develop high performance anisotropic magnetic powder. MPCO discovered the manufacturing principles for anisotropic magnetic powder (d-HDDR method) and succeeded in bringing anisotropic bonded magnets to market.

    In the reaction between the NdFeB alloy and hydrogen, first a 2-phase structure is formed with a lamellar structure of Fe containing supersaturated B and NdH. The ferrous phase has deformation in one direction caused by the lamellar structure and the Fe B phase is observed forming aligned orientation as a crystal to mitigate the deformation. In the hydrogen release process, the Fe B phase is recrystallized and the orientation of the crystals is aligned. That is, the Fe B phase functions as a phase with memory of the orientation before the reaction. This unique metallurgical anisotropic mechanism is presented as a TM (texture memory) effect.

    Up to this point, precious rare earth elements Dy and Ga were added in order to give the material heat resistance. We successfully created low-cost magnets by diffusing a non-magnetic powder into the grain boundary of the d-HDDR powder with a particulate size of 0.3 micrometers that gave the product a heat resistance of 150℃. Anisotropic Bonded Neodymium Magnet

    bonded magnets feature the world’s strongest magnetic force and 150 degree heat resistance.
    Using NdFeB anisotropic bonded magnets enables DC motors that are 50% lighter and more compact.
    Using NdFeB anisotropic bonded magnets enables fewer processing steps.


    Automotive applications :
    wiper motor, electronic throttle motor, blower motor, HEV/EV drive motor, generator motor, cooling fan motor, sunroof motor, power steering motor, fuel pump motor, power window motor, sliding door motor, seat motor, precrash motor, electric brake motor, electric air conditioner motor

    Home appliances:
    washing machine, vacuum, pump, compressor for air conditioner, compressor for freezer, fan motor, electric tool