N45AH Servo Motor Permanent Magnet Arc with Slotting

/N45AH Servo Motor Permanent Magnet Arc with Slotting
  • N45AH Servo Motor Permanent Magnet Arc with Slotting
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  • We are A Professional Permanent Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies Company Operating Since 2004
  • All Magnetic Grade for Sintered & Bonded Magnets
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  • N45AH Servo Motor Permanent Magnet Arc with Slotting, Neodymium-Iron-Boron, Superior Rare Earth Radially-magnetized NdFeB magnets for servo motors, PM Generator Black Epoxy Plated Sintered Neodymium Rotor Tile Magnet made in China

    N45AH Servo Motor Permanent Magnet Arc with Slotting Specifications
    Dimensions: Customized size
    Grade: N45AH
    Tolerances: +/-0.1mm x ±0.05mm
    Material: Sintered Neodymium
    Plating/Coating: Black Epoxy
    Shape: Tile, Segment, Arc with Slotting
    Direction: Radially-magnetized or other design
    Magnetization: Magnetized in pairs N(S & S(N, along with direction of 4mm thickness
    Max Operating Temp: 230ºC
    Magnets can be custom made. We supply OEM service. Rare-earth, Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) Permanent Magnets For more information, please CONTACT US.

    MPCO Magnetics prepares its anisotropic powders by either casting an alloy melt into a mold, or strip casting. Strip casting offers the advantage of better chemical stability. Subsequently, the ingot from the mold or the flakes from strip casting are pulverized to a uniform grain/particle size. The best method for obtaining the desired grain size is by HDDR. The HDDR [hydrogenation-decomposition-desorption-recombination] process yields a more homogenous particle size with a minimum of α-Fe, and Nd-rich phases. Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B, HDDR powders prepared from strip cast alloys are used for the HAST [Highly Accelerated Stress Test] grades of NdFeB Magnets, including N, H, SH, UH, EH, and MPCO Magnetics exclusive “W” grades for Wind Power applications.

    Black Epoxy Coated Arc Servo Motor Permanent Magnet

    Black Epoxy Coated Arc Servo Motor Permanent Magnet

    High Maximum Working Temperature – Our AH series of NdFeB magnets have working temperatures up to 230°C.

    Excellent Adhesion of Plating to Magnet – Our magnets develop up to 2,175 psi attractive force between the plating and the magnet. Servo Motor Neodymium-Iron-Boron Arc Magnet N42UH Black Epoxy

    Excellent Corrosion Resistance – MPCO Magnetics offers a number of coatings including, Nickel, Epoxy, Zinc, Tin, Phosphate, Parylene, Hybrid Coatings, Aluminum Spray coating, and IVD-Aluminum [Ion Vapor Deposition of Aluminum].

    N45AH Neodymium Rotor Tile Magnet with Slotting

    N45AH Neodymium Rotor Tile Magnet with Slotting

    Low Surface Tension – Adhesives require a properly prepared surface for bonding. Good wet-ability is one of the keys to good bonding. The shear strength for our Ni Plated magnets is 50% greater than competitive magnets.

    Neodymium magnets offer the highest (BH)max and high Hci
    (BH)max, the maximum energy product, of neodymium magnets is highest of any kind of permanent magnets today in the world. (BH)max at different grades of neodymium magnets is 27 to 52 MGOe.

    Neodymium magnets have extremely resistance to demagnetization with Hci, Intrisic coercive force, over 12,000 Oe. Because of very high (BH)max and Hci, neodymium magnets could be used as a reversible medium for large amount of energy transformation in miniaturized application where a strong magnetic demagnetization field exists , such as computer hard drive. Superior Sintered NdFeB Servo Motor Magnet, Neodymium-Iron-Boron Servo Motor Neodymium Magnets N48

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