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  • Motor Rotor Multi-pole Magnetic Rings, Magnetizing Ferrite Multip-Poles Magnetic Ring, Sintered Ferrite Ring Tube Magnet, Permanent Magnet Motor Magnetic Rotor, radial multipolar ferrite rotor magnets

    Motor Rotor Multi-pole Magnetic Rings Specification:
    Item No. MP-FMR Series, Multip-Poles Ferrite magnetic rings
    Applications: Inductors, Fume Machines, Sensors, Permanent Magnet DC Motor
    Magnetization: radial multipolar
    Delivery: Existing specimens are sent free of charge, and production takes about 15-20 days.

    Magnet specifications: customized according to requirements.
    Sample supply: Samples are available free of charge for off-the-shelf specifications. Samples are required for proofing and mold change.
    The multi-pole magnetic ring is magnetized on the hard magnetic ring material by a dedicated magnetizer for the magnetic poles of the desired magnetic pole. The magnetization effect is related to the magnetic ring material used and the performance of the magnetizer, and the magnitude of the magnetic energy product is Hysteresis attenuation is related to the above situation.
    China MPCO Magnet Factory specializes in the production of motor magnet, motor multi-pole magnetic ring, injection multi-pole ferrite, welcome to inquiry sample or mold customization.
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    1)Material: Low cost magnetic material, ferric oxide, barium and strontium. ( briefly,BaO or SrO and Fe2O3).
    2)Type: Mainly producing sintered permanent anisotropic ferrite magnet.
    3)Shape: Professional in manufacturing ring magnet, round and cylindrical shape.
    4)Size: As per customer’s requirements.
    5)Application: Widely used in motor(permanent magnet motors, DC brushless motor,servo motor and so on),and had been applied extensively in a lot of professions.

    Product Name Ferrite magnet, Motor Rotor Multi-pole Magnetic Rings
    Material BaO or SrO and Fe2O3.
    Type Mainly producing sintered permanent anisotropic ferrite magnet.
    Shape Professional in manufacturing ring magnet, round and cylindrical shape.
    Size customized
    Application Widely used in motor.
    Features Cheapest magnet material,High coercive force.
    Package Export Standard Packing or customized
    Export Ningbo or Customized
    Delivery time According to customers’requirement

    1)Cheapest magnet material.
    2)Low cost,hige-energy,good electric insulation and excellent resistance to demagnetization.
    3)High coercive force, high electric resistance, long-time stability
    4)Good anti-corrosion performance, no surface treatment needed.

    Why we focus on producing ring magnet?
    Because it’s more stable than magnetic tile which used in motor.
    What’s the mean of Anisotropic?
    Anisotropic ferrite magnets are different, they are all oriented in the manufacturing direction, and should be magnetized in the direction of orientation. 90° Welding Clamp Magnet
    Magnetizing direction?
    At your request.

    Buyer Guide
    We will help you with your order. Usually we ask for the following information.
    1)Product material,size, grade, coating, quantities required. etc..if available, a sketch or drawing with dimensions and tolerances.
    2) Delivered magnetized or unmagnetized? Magnetization direction?
    3) Information on what you want to use the magnet for?