Magnetic Wristband Pocket Tool Belt Pouch Bag

/Magnetic Wristband Pocket Tool Belt Pouch Bag
  • Magnetic Wristband Pocket Tool Belt Pouch Bag
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  • Magnetic Wristband Pocket Tool Belt Pouch Bag for DIY Handyman, Magnetic Wrist Band Carry Kit Strap Tool for holding Screw Bolt Nail Drill Bits for Home Improvement and DYI Projects, Magnetic Wrist Band Wristband Tray Belt Wrist Magnetic Dish Holding Helper China Supplier

    Magnetic Wristband Pocket Tool Belt Pouch Bag Parameter:
    Part number: WB910805
    Item type: Magnetic wrist band
    Outer layer: Oxford fabric
    Inner layer: soft breathable mesh padding
    Magnet material: Permanent magnet
    Magnet Quantity: 6 pcs
    Product Length: 15.75 Inches
    Product Width: 2.95 Inches
    Product Weight: 2.19 Ounces
    Product Color: Red

    Six permanent magnets – Permanent magnets embedded for holding nails, bolts, spanner, nuts, screws, drilling bits, small tools.
    Provides a third helping – holds drilling bits, screws, bolts, nails, washers at hand while you are working
    Adjustable designed – Velcro wrist strap surround the entire wirst. one size fit most people’s wirst.
    It is extremely simple to use , you can place magnetic wristband on any metal surface.
    Ideal for DIY handyman, tailor, fashion designer, maintenance engineer, carpenters and more.

    Made of durable 1680D oxford cloth, breathable material are safe for all day use
    Won’t fall off unless you take them them off
    Embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, scissors, and small tools
    Provides a third helping hand when you need it most
    Ideal for woodworking, home improvement, and do-it yourself projects
    Adjustable size fits for both man and woman

    Some of the amazing features of this product are:
    6 Strong magnets strategically placed for better function and less discomfort.
    Advanced skin-friendly material with breathable mesh and cushion for extra comfort even after longer period of usage. Arm Wrist Band Magnet Gift for Men,Father/Dad, Husband, Boyfriend
    Adjustable to fit any wrist. Adjustable Size Wrist Magnetic Tool Holder for DIY Handyman
    5 Cable ties included with this pack to help tidy up loose cables.
    Strategically placed pockets allow for carrying more with less hassle Getting this wristband will be like having an extra pair of hands for all your projects.