Magnetic Welding Locator with Switch

/Magnetic Welding Locator with Switch
  • 30lbs Magnetic Welding Locator with Switch
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    Magnetic Welding Locator with Switch Item No. MP-MWH6007 Product Information:
    Material:Steel and Magnet.
    Dimension:3-3/4″ x 3-3/4″ x 1″ (95mm×95mm×25mm)
    Pull Force: 30 Lbs

    Magnetic Welding Locator with ON / OFF Switch Function: Multi-function–different uses for the magnetic support jig such as welding,soldering,assembly,marking-off,pipe installation and so on.
    The switchable magnetic clamp is well designed and robust to suit the metal fabrication and welding industry.

    These powerful magnets provide a fast and easy way to hold two pieces of steel together at 45°, 90° or 135° while they are welded, soldered and assembled. Every magnet has a mechanical switch – when turned off there is no external magnetism so they can be freely and accurately positioned then when turned on the magnets clamp in place. In addition, the switching mechanism allows the magnet to be quickly and easily cleaned, for when it is switched off any metal swarf can simply be wiped off. The strong clamping force makes these magnets ideal for flat pieces, round and square tubing.

    At MPCO MAGNETICS, we have an extensive range of lifting and switchable welding magnets. Visit our lifting magnet brochure to discover our entire range, performance graphs and maintenance recommendations. Download a copy too and refer back to it when you require.

    Features:welding at 45°,90°,135°
    1. Ideal for round and square tubing, angles and flat stock.
    2. A switch controls the magnetic force, turn off when setting up and turn on when you are ready to work.
    3. Fast and safe set-up. Easy to clean. Simply turn off and wipe.
    4. Holding at multiple angles while soldering, brazing and welding at 45°,90°,135°

    1. Welding Magnet are widely used in iron parts welding, jointing in 45°, 90°, 135° in architecture and finish machining field and so on.
    2. Triangle Fixer Magnet are designed for quick and accurate positioning of parts during tack welding, layout and assembly processes. Some common uses include positioning and holding work pieces and use during welding or general fabrication work.
    3. Magnetic Weld Holder can be used on pipe, plate and tubing. The range includes: Magnetic hold fast and holders, magnetic positioners, magnetic mitre clamps, magnetic quick clamps, magnetic adjustable links, magnetic plate drags and earth welding clamps.
    4. Welding Magnet,  Switch Permanent Triangle Fixer Magnets are the perfect solution for welders looking to improve work quality and reduce costly setup time.