Magnetic Viewing Paper For Teaching Reusable Scientific Detection Film

/Magnetic Viewing Paper For Teaching Reusable Scientific Detection Film
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  • Magnetic Viewing Paper For Teaching Reusable Scientific Detection Film, Magnetic Field Viewer Card, High resolutions Magnetic Viewing Film, magnetic multiple poles detectors, Magnetic Field Viewer Durable Observation Pattern Display

    Magnetic Viewing Paper For Teaching Reusable Scientific Detection Film Customized Size, Item No. MP-MVFILM04 series

    Magnetic Viewing Film is easy to cut with a pair of scissors if needed.
    When placed on a magnet, the film shows magnetic poles as dark areas bounded by lighter lines. The lighter lines indicate a boundary line between unlike poles.This film is particularly useful when viewing magnets magnetized with non-standard magnetic patterns, or when viewing assemblies with multiple magnets with different polarities.
    Magnetic Viewing Film can also be used to simply view the poles and dividing lines between poles of a magnet.
    Maximum recommended operating temperature is 40°C.

    Magnetic viewing film (also called magnetic viewing paper) is made of millions of tiny magnetic flakes suspended in clear oil. This oil is then sandwiched between two sheets of plastic. The magnetic viewing film can then be used to “see” the pattern of magnetization. When a magnet is placed under the viewing film, the tiny metal flakes respond to the magnetic field, forming shapes similar to the pattern of magnetization. The white line(s) show the separation between the north and south poles of the magnet. Add a ruler to the equation and you can measure poles per inch.

    While multiple poles spaced closely together can increase holding power, they can reduce the reach of the magnet. Inversely, when fewer poles are present, magnetic reach increases, but on contact, holding power is reduced.

    Magnetic Pole Paper Detectors Description:
    Easy to use. Just place the card on the surface of the magnetic material and it will reveal a magnetic field of pattern.
    Great for personal or scientific research. And it help us study magnetic fields that we can’t see.
    It can be used for quality control, product demonstration, reverse engineering, authentication and educational purposes. Magnetic Field Viewer Card
    Compact and portable size, lightweight, convenient to carry with you.
    Wonderful educational tool to stimulate our interest in science.
    Magnetic field viewer is a micro-encapsulated film which makes user view a static magnetic field.
    The highly flexible film suit for magnetic surfaces with any degree of convexity or concavity.

    This High resolutions magnetic field viewing film allows you to identify the magnetic field patterns of magnetic materials and assemblies. The viewing film can be used to check for damage to the magnet material within most types of magnet assemblies. Simply hold the film against the surface of any magnet and the pattern of the magnetic field is revealed. The sheets are reusable. Green Square Magnetic Field Display Film

    Package includes:
    1pc x Magnetic Field Viewer

    1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
    2. Please allow 1-2 cm differences due to manual measurement.


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