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  • Magnetic Viewing Film 3″ x 3″, 6″ x 6″, 12″ x 12″, Square Green Magnetic field viewing film, MAGNETIC FIELD DISPLAY, Magnetic Field Viewer Card

    Magnetic Viewing Film Customized Size, Item No. MP-MVFILM01 series

    The Magnetic Viewing Films allows you to “see” the magnetic field lines and in particular the field gradients at the interpole boundary as seen in the photo.

    With this magnetic viewing film you can see the magnetic poles: by placing the film on a magnet the areas with a high magnetic flux density become visible.
    This is caused by magnetic particles, dissolved in a liquid that can move inside the film. The film becomes darker in areas with a high flux density.

    100% brand new and high quality
    This item is easy to use. Just place the card on the surface of the magnetic material and it will reveal a magnetic field of pattern.
    Great for personal or scientific research. And it help us study magnetic fields that we can’t see.
    It can be used for quality control, product demonstration, reverse engineering, authentication and educational purposes.
    Compact and portable size, lightweight, convenient to carry with you.
    Wonderful educational tool to stimulate our interest in science.
    Magnetic field viewer is a micro-encapsulated film which makes user view a static magnetic field.
    The highly flexible film suit for magnetic surfaces with any degree of convexity or concavity.

    Magnetic field viewing film
    This green magnetic viewer film will become lighter or darker when a magnetic field is applied. It turns dark when the field lines are perpendicular the the surface, and it turns light when the field lines are horizontal, i.e., across the surface. If a magnet is placed under it, with one of the poles facing the film, it will show the magnet as dark with a light outline. The effect gets interesting when you have lots of magnets, or magnets that are polarized in a unique way. The entertainment value of this stuff is unmatched, even by the likes of playing Pac-man or watching professional wrestling!

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