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  • Magnetic Pick Up Tool with LED
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    Magnetic Pick Up Tool with LED Features:
    Item No. MPPU-30
    The comfortable cushion grip keeps handle secure even in wet or oily hands.
    With the light can find objects even in dark areas.
    The magnetic power is 5Lbs, 3LR44 button cell batteries included
    The material is brass tube.
    Telescopic from 7-1/2″ to 31-3/4″ (190mm-810mm)

    Magnetic pick up tool with LED can retrieve small metal objects such as nails, nuts, screws, washers etc in dark area well.
    Its are extended bendable magnetic pick up tools , which is handy to have around the garage or shop. Easy to use, the flexible shaft allows access to previously inaccessible locations to retrieve tools, nuts, bolts, washers and other items that are out of reach.
    Retractable and bendable magnetic extension
    Durable lightweight Aluminum housing
    Easy-grip vinyl handle

    1.Telescoping Stainless Steel
    The shaft is made of stainless steel, extendable. When unextended, it is in 7.7inch, if fully extended, it is in 31inch. You can adjust the length based on your needs.

    2.LED Light:
    The LED light on the tool head can support you to find the small metal parts or pieces at dark places more conveniently.

    3.Lift Capability:
    It has about 4.5 lbs lifting capacity, strong enough to support you pick up proper weight items, like pliers, key chains, also easy to pick up small items, like bolts, screws, nails, sewing pins, sewing needles and so on.

    Magnet shielded to concentrate magnetic field at end of tool. Has a super strong neodymium magnet.
    1 Original manufacture
    2 All property made at your requirements
    3 Strong flexible metal element with a neodymium magnet in the tip.
    4 Plastic handle is easy for griping.
    5 Flexible – Snakes through difficult or confined areas such as cramped engine compartments, behind heavy equipment, down drains or heating vents.
    6 Holds shape for hard-to-reach items.
    7.Competitive price,stable quality,fast delivery,good service.



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