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  • Magentic Rotor Component, Rotor for Automobile Instrument, Magentic Components for Rotor, Laser Welding Rotor for Smart Quartz Watch, Magnetic Assemblies Traditional Rotor for Quartz Movement, Permanent magnet generator stator and rotor parts

    Magentic Rotor Component is mainly used in electronic, automobile instrument in the movement, as the movement of one of the most important transmission parts, precision, magnetic performance parameters, such as demand for products is very strict. Our company can produce high precision for traditional rotor shaft and the new type of laser welding of rotor shaft.

    Product parameters

    Outer diameter(mm)
    The inner diameter(mm)
    Direction of magnetization
    Basic Size

    SmCo, NdFeB

    Magnetic Ring Tolerance
    Magentic Rotor Component Dimension

    Magentic Rotor Component Dimension

    Manufacture of magnetic components of NdFeB, SmCo, hard-ferrite and mix of NdFeB and hard-ferrite by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
    Development and manufacture of compounds for injection moulding of magnets
    Manufacture of soft-magnet cores by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
    Optimization of electronic and magnetic sub-systems
    State-of-art development and production equipment
    Highly professional and experienced personnel in the field of magnetism
    Certified management systems ( ISO 9001, )
    Cooperation with customers in development projects
    Reliable partner
    Ensured short time from an idea to the actual product
    Veriety of magnetic materials
    Technology of composites
    Integral solutions
    Different production locations
    Vertical integration in the group from raw material to products
    Wide supplier net for strategic raw materials
    Developmental partner with most of the customers
    Production flexibility (small- and large-series production)

    We can offer OEM&ODM, specializing in providing mould design, mould manufacturing, magnetic application support, magnetic circuit design and one-stop solutions, integrated assembly, and can help customers shorten new product development cycle, improve efficiency in order to save time and cost improve product competitiveness and create maximum value, reach to win-win cooperation. Customized Ring Micro Gem