Isotropic Square Block Plate Ceramic Permanent Magnets C8 75X75X15mm

/Isotropic Square Block Plate Ceramic Permanent Magnets C8 75X75X15mm
  • Isotropic Square Block Plate Ceramic Permanent Magnets C8 75X75X15mm
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  • Isotropic Square Block Plate Ceramic Permanent Magnets C8 75X75X15mm, Customized Drawing Cheap Block Plate Shape Ceramic Ferrite Magnet, Multi-Poles Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Bar Magnet, Buy Permanent Rectangular Isotropic Sintered Ferrite Magnet China Factory Exporter

    Isotropic Square Block Plate Ceramic Permanent Magnets C8 75X75X15mmfeature:
    Item No. MPFB-75X75X15
    Material: isotropic & anisotropic ferrite / ceramic
    Size:  75mm length *  75mm width * 15mm thickness
    Shape: Bar, Block, Rectangular
    Style: Hard Sintered Ferrite / Ceramic
    Type: Permanent
    Grade: Y10, Y40, Y10T  Y25  Y30  Y33  Y35  Y30BH  Y33BH, C1 C5 C8 C9 C10

    General information on Ceramic Magnets
    Ceramic Magnets are made from strontium carbonate and iron oxide. Ceramic magnets are black in color and are hard and brittle. Ceramic magnets are the most widely used magnet in the home, industry and commerce due to good resistance to demagnetization and the lowest cost among all kinds of magnets.
    Grade C1 ceramic magnets are made of non-oriented materials and have less magnetic strength than Grade C5 and C8. Ceramic Blocks Axially Magnetized Magnet, USA Standard Ceramic Square Block Magnets C5 40X40X8mm
    Grade C5 and C8 ceramic magnets are magnetic oriented and are magnetized only through the oriented direction, but they are more powerful than C1.C8 ceramic magnets have higher resistance to magnetic demagnetization than C5 and C1. For more detailed information on ceramic magnets, please see the table below.

    Square Block Plate Isotropic Ceramic Permanent Magnets

    Square Block Plate Isotropic Ceramic Permanent Magnets

    Applications of Ceramic Magnets
    – DC motors
    – Speakers
    – Magnetic Holders
    – Magnetic Lifters
    – Magnetic Separators and
    – Different magnetic assemblies and tools

    Ceramic magnets are also known as hard ferrites or ferrite magnets, which are composed of primarily iron oxide, Fe2O3. The two common compositions are: strontium ferrite, SrFe12O19 (SrO·6Fe2O3) and barium ferrite BaFe12O19 (BaO·6Fe2O3). Soft ferrites have lower coercivity and the common compositions are manganese-zinc ferrite (MnZn, with the formula MnaZn(1-a)Fe2O4) and nickel-zinc ferrite (NiZn, with the formula NiaZn(1-a)Fe2O4).

    Ceramic magnets can be either isotropic or anisotropic. Isotropic ceramic magnets can be magnetized in any direction while the anisotropic ceramic magnets can only be magnetized through the easy axis (magnetization direction). They have very high electrical resistivity (around 106 Ohm-cm) and positive reversible temperature coefficient of intrinsic coercivity.

    Ceramic maximum energy product, (BH)max, is lower than other permanent magnets, so they are typically much larger magnets in actual application. By weight, they are the most widely used magnet globally. Ceramics are chemically stable and the least expensive magnets due to inexpensive raw materials and processes. Maximum energy product, (BH)max, of 1 to 4 MGOe, is lower than that of rare earth magnets but intrinsic coercivity, Hci, from 2500 to 4000 Oersteds, (higher than Alnico). Ceramic magnets are a cost-effective choice in many industrial applications.

    Strong Ceramic Ferrite Sqaure Block Magnets

    Strong Ceramic Ferrite Sqaure Block Magnets


    Magnetic Properties of Ferrite Magnets

    National standard

    Grade Value
    Br Hcb(BHC) Hcj(IHC) (BH)max
    mT KG KA/m KOe KA/m KOe Kj/m3 MGOe
    Y10T(=C1) 200/218 2.00/2.18 125/145 1.57/1.82 210/250 2.64/3.14 6.5/8.0 0.8/1.0
    Y25 360/370 3.60/3.70 135/150 1.70/1.88 140/170 1.76/2.14 22.5/25.3 2.8/3.2
    Y30(=C5) 380/385 3.80/3.85 191/210 2.40/2.64 199/220 2.50/2.51 26.0/28 3.4/3.7
    Y30BH 380/390 3.80/3.90 223/235 2.80/2.95 231/245 2.90/3.08 27.0/30.0 3.4/3.7
    Y33 410/420 4.10/4.20 220/235 2.77/2.95 225/240 2.83/3.01 31.5/33.0 4.0/4.2
    Y35 400/410 4.00/4.10 175/195 2.20/2.45 180/200 2.26/2.51 30.0/32.0 3.8/4.0
    C8(=C8A) 385/390 3.85/3.90 235/255 2.95/3.20 242/265 3.05/3.33 27.8/30.0 3.5/3.7
    C10 400/410 4.00/4.10 288/300 3.62/3.77 280/287 3.51/3.60 30.4/31.9 3.8/4.0
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