Isotropic Polymer Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnets for Toy Device

/Isotropic Polymer Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnets for Toy Device
  • Isotropic Polymer Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnets for Toy Device
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  • Isotropic Polymer Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnets for Toy Device, Compression Molded NdFeB, Ndfeb Rotor Magnets Parts, Bonded Precise dimension permanent magnet assemblies, purchase small magnets for Toy Generator rotor motor, Bonded Magnet Ring NdFeB, Compression Molded Rare Earth Neo, Neod or NIB radial ring magnet Supplier

    Isotropic Polymer Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnets for Toy Device Description :
    shape motor rotor Ring magnet
    Grade customized
    Size customized
    plating gray epoxy
    Material: Bonded Neodymium magnets
    shape:radial ring magnet
    coating:epoxy plated
    surface gauss:2100-3000gauss
    application:Motor Rotor
    Hcb ≥285-370KA/m
    Hcj ≥600-755KA/m
    (BH)max 44-56KJ/M3
    Temp. Coefficlent 100°C
    The product can be customed by your requirement.

    MPCO Magnet Company is specialized in making ndfeb rotor magnets . It has hundreds of wire cutting machines running day and night. We can make high quality rotor magnets ndfeb, esepecially for those motors with certain working temperature requirement. We can supply oven test to ensure temperature resistance.

    a series of isotropic polymer bonded magnets based on Nd-Fe-B.
    The raw material powder is manufactured by rapid quenching of prescribed alloys into nanocristalline flakes which are subsequently annealed for optimum magnetic properties.Shortly after the invention of rapidly quenched Nd-Fe-B magnet powders, MPCO had started to develop polymer bonded magnets from these powders.

    Buyer’s Guide
    Material:What use the magnet material and performance?
    Dimension:What size: OD(?) x L (?) x W(? ) xT(?) and Do you have any drawing or specification?
    Tolerance: Do you have any the requirements of the tolerance? Inductor Magnet Ferrite Bonded Injection Molding for Agricultural Tools
    Grade:What Grades or Performance?
    Coating:What coating? Electrophoresis. ( Black or Gray) ?
    Working Temp.: Normal or High temperature ?
    Magnetization: Please tell us the magnetization direction requirement?

    Neodymium Magnet Safety use instructions
    This product has high magnetic, although we have used the professional gasket is separated, but in the process of production assembly, please pay attention to prevent hand or other parts of the body.Permanent Bonded NdFeB Magnets
    Please put about electronic products move to somewhere in assembly process, In order to avoid unnecessary losses.
    Please do not use random products, in order to avoid adsorption to the metal impurity, which affect the product assembly or performance.
    Please do not let children or does not have behavior ability experience, In order to avoid damage.

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