Iron Edged Teflon NdFeB Rectangular Magnet

/Iron Edged Teflon NdFeB Rectangular Magnet
  • Iron Edged Teflon NdFeB Rectangular Magnet
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  • Iron Edged Teflon NdFeB Rectangular Magnet N45, Teflon Coated Two Holes Magnet Assembly, Rare Earth Sintered NdFeB and SmCo Permanent Magnet, High Efficiency Block Channel Magnet, Layered Magnet, Iron Edging Gray Teflon Technology Magnet Supplier

    Iron Edged Teflon NdFeB Rectangular Magnet N45
    Enquiry Template for Reference
    Material: Sintered NdFeB Magnets (Neodymium Iron Boron)
    Shape: Rectangular , Block with 2 holes
    Size & tolerance: customize
    Grade: N35-N52 or others (If you don’t know about the grade, please refer to magnetic property sheet)
    Coating: Teflon
    Supplied in magnetized condition or not: Magnetized or Un-magnetized?
    Magnetism orientation: across thickness or diameter or length or? Magnetization Direction
    Quantity: 10 pieces

    Neodymium iron boron magnets (NdFeB) are the strongest permanent magnet materials, with small size, light weight and high energy product. China Rare Earth Magnet Limited customizes NdFeB magnets in different shapes and sizes, grades include N35~N52, N30M~N50M, N30H~N48H, N30SH~N45SH, N28UH~N40UH, N28EH~N38EH and N28AH~N35AH, coatings include Ni-Cu-Ni, Zinc, grey epoxy, black epoxy, Ni+Au, Ni+Ag, color paint, etc. Strong neodymium magnets can be shipped by express, air or by sea to overseas countries after properly packages.

    Rectangular Teflon Plated NdFeB Magnets

    Rectangular Teflon Plated NdFeB Magnets

    Production Process
    Raw Material – Strip Casting – Hydrogen Decrepitation – Jet Milling – Pressing – Sintering – Inspection – Machining – Plating – Final Inspection – Magnetizing & Packaging

    Sintered NdFeB Magnets VS Ferrite Magnets VS SmCo Magnets
    If you are looking for permanent magnets with cheaper prices, maybe ferrite magnets are suitable. If you demand strong magnets with higher working temperature like 250-350°C, maybe SmCo magnets can meet your requirements. If you need ring magnets with multi-poles through diameter, you can choose bonded NdFeB magnets.

    HAST NdFeB Magnets
    HAST neodymium iron boron magnets are recommendable if magnets need to work in humid and terrible environment.

    When using strong magnets, workers should pay attention to strong attraction between the magnets in case of injury of their figures. Neodymium magnets are very brittle material, so they need proper packing with form sheet in order to avoid breakage due to impact or collision during transportation. Epoxy Coated Sector Segment NdFeB Lamination Magnet

    Package for Express or Air Transportation
    Magnetism may bring influence on instruments of air or express shipping, therefore, magnetic isolation is necessary in packages of strong permanent magnets. Commonly, the simplest way is to use iron sheet and foam inside cartons to isolate magnetism, which can ensure safe air shipping.

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