Internal Threaded AlNiCo Mounting Pot Magnet Steel Body

/Internal Threaded AlNiCo Mounting Pot Magnet Steel Body
  • Internal Threaded AlNiCo Mounting Pot Magnet Steel Body
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  • Internal Threaded AlNiCo Mounting Pot Magnet Steel Body, Alnico Deep Pot Holding System Threaded Hole, AlNiCo 5 Cylindrical Deep Pot Magnet with female inner thread, Magnetic Holding & Clamping System China Supplier

    Internal Threaded AlNiCo Mounting Pot Magnet Steel Body feature:
    • Alnico 5 magnet material and mild steel pot
    • 220° maximum operating temperature
    • Ideal for clamping applications
    • Easily mounted with screw or bolt fixing
    • Steel plated body
    • Brass spacer
    • Good corrosion resistance

    AlNiCo (Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt) Magnet in cylindrical pot with steel pot, tolerance h6, max. temperature: 450°C
    Ideal for High Temperature and General Purpose clamping, holding and lifting applications
    Zinc, Galvanized, Nickel or Chrome Plating and Coating
    Our pot magnets are encased within a steel shell to ensure maximum performance whilst protecting the magnet from cracking or chipping when in use. With many fixing options, these magnets provide extreme versatility for a wide range of applications.

    We offer AlNiCo Deep Pot Magnets in a silver (chrome, zinc or nickel) finish and ferritic stainless steel finish at Alnico, Deep Pot Magnets are widely used in industrial applications such as fastening, holding, hanging or retrieving objects, etc. Alnico Deep Pot Holding System Zinc Plated Body w/ Threaded

    Internal Threaded Mounting Pot Magnet & Deep Pot Magnet
    The internal threaded mounting pot magnet is also known as an internal threaded pot magnet. Deeper or taller versions of the internal threaded mounting pot magnet are sometimes also known as Deep Pot Magnets, although this is rather a loose terminology. The internal threaded mounting pot magnet is a pot magnet that has a threaded hole in the centre of the ferromagnetic mild steel cup and a solid disc magnet inserted inside the cup. The threaded section does not go all the way through the pot magnet – it is only within the mild steel cup section.

    Deep Pot Magnet Perfect for Clamping Applications
    The internal threaded mounting pot magnet or deep pot magnet are very popular in clamping applications because you can simply bolt them onto your assembly. The larger units provide very powerful clamping forces, with the mild steel outer cup providing protection and mechanical strength to the pot magnet and inner magnet. Because the mild steel is threaded, reasonably high torque can be applied to securely hold the pot magnet in place.

    Item No. D mm H mm Thread MxL Force N Weight g Temperature °C
    MP-ADPSI-6 6+0.1/-0.1 20+0.2/-0.2 M3x5 2 4 450
    MP-ADPSI-8 8+0.1/-0.1 20+0.2/-0.2 M3x5 4 7.5 450
    MP-ADPSI-10 10+0.1/-0.1 20+0.2/-0.2 M4x7 8.5 11 450
    MP-ADPSI-13 13+0.1/-0.1 20+0.2/-0.2 M4x7 12 19 450
    MP-ADPSI-16 16+0.1/-0.1 20+0.2/-0.2 M4x5 20 30 450
    MP-ADPSI-20 20+0.1/-0.1 25+0.2/-0.2 M6x7 40 55 450
    MP-ADPSI-25 25+0.1/-0.1 35+0.2/-0.2 M6x9 60 121 450
    MP-ADPSI-32 32+0.1/-0.1 40+0.2/-0.2 M8x9 160 220 450
    MP-ADPSI-40 40+0.1/-0.1 50+0.2/-0.2 M8x9 240 436 450
    MP-ADPSI-50 50+0.1/-0.1 60+0.2/-0.2 M10x12 400 794 450
    MP-ADPSI-63 63+0.1/-0.1 65+0.2/-0.2 M12x14 660 1274 450
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