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  • Injection Molding Bonded Flow Sensor Magnets, Plastic injection moulded sensor permanent magnet, Water Injection Molding Magnetic Rotor, Injection Molded Magnetic Water Flow Rotor for Water Heater

    Injection Molding Bonded Flow Sensor Magnets Description
    The magnetic rotor is part of the water flow rotor assembly. The water flow rotor is a part of the water flow sensor.
    The water flow sensor is made up of copper body, water flow rotor assembly, steady flow assembly and Hall assembly. The water flow sensor is installed in the water inlet of the water heater to measure the influent flow.
    When the water flows through the flow rotor assembly, the magnetic rotor rotates and the speed varies linearly as the flow rate. Hall element output the corresponding pulse signal feedback to the controller, the controller to determine the size of the water flow, adjust the control than the valve current, so as to control the gas than the valve to avoid the use of gas water heaters in the course of the phenomenon of hot and cold.
    When the magnetic rotor speed is greater than the starting speed, otherwise, the water heater to stop working.

    Production process of magnetic water flow rotor water heater rotor for water heater
    Material Inspection
    Mixing Materials
    Blending Materials
    Baking Materials
    Inspection and Packaging

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