Hot-pressed Full-Density Isotropic Magnet Radial Ring

/Hot-pressed Full-Density Isotropic Magnet Radial Ring
  • Hot-pressed Full-Density Isotropic Magnet Radial Ring
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  • Hot-pressed Full-Density Isotropic Magnet Radial Ring, Multipoles Injection Bonded NdFeB Motor Magnet, Bonded Neodymium Radial Ring Magnet, high-end compression bonded magnets, high precision Hot-pressed/hot deformed anisotropic magnet

    Hot-pressed Full-Density Isotropic Magnet Radial Ring Parameter:
    Model Number: BNP-5
    Size: Custmized
    Type: Permanent magnet
    Composite: Bonded Neodymium + Plastic
    Shape: Ring
    Application: Industrial Magnet
    Material: Neodymium Magnet
    Coating: Custmized (Zn, Ni, NiCuNi, Gold, Silver and expoxy resin, etc)
    Coercive HcB:: 5.4~6.0 KOe; 432~480 KA/m
    Intrinsic Coercive HcJ:: 9.8~12.0 KOe; 784~960 KA/m
    Magnetization direction: Customized (axial magnetized, radial magnetized, etc)
    Size: Various kinds or according to customers’ request
    Certification: SGS
    Free Sample: Yes
    Performance: Customised (N55, N52, N50, N48, N45, N42, N40, N38, N35, etc.

    Bonded ndfeb magnets that are created through injection molding can be formed into complex shapes and also insert molded directly onto other components to produce assembly parts. Injection bonded magnets can be made from NdFeB, Ferrite or a combination of the two.

    The hot-pressed magnet is full-density isotropic magnet, and full-density anisotropic magnet for hot-deformed magnet. The hot-deformed technology has already became a practical method to manufacture the radially oriented ring magnet. 16-poles Multipoles Injection Bonded NdFeB Motor Magnet

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    Ring Magnets
    Abnormal Shape Magnets
    Magnetic Assemblies with Metal
    Rotor Assemblies
    Arc/Segment Magnets
    Block/Rectangular Magnets

    Bonded Neodymium Magnets widely used in spindle motors, stepper motors, synchronous motors, DC motors, brushless motors and other micro-motors.
    Widely used in electronic information, industrial equipment, automotive, medical equipment, aviation model, robots, household appliances and other fields. Computer optical drive, car DVD, car air conditioner motor, starter motor, buzzer motor, sensor, smart home, drone, robot, fan motor and other fields.

    Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron is used when a higher holding force is required than what bonded ferrite produces. It can be produced using Nylons, epoxies and various additives. In that it is isotropic and has a flat grain, it cannot be oriented at time of injection. It should also be coated in order to avoid corrosion. Typically it is using Magnequench powder.