High Working Temperature Small Square Super Smco Permanent Magnets

/High Working Temperature Small Square Super Smco Permanent Magnets
  • High Working Temperature Small Square Super Smco Permanent Magnets
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  • High Working Temperature Small Square Super Smco Permanent Magnets, Magnetic Materials High Performance High Temperature Permanent Block Rectangle Bar shaped Motor Magnets, Sintered Samarium Cobalt Rare Earth SmCo Magnets for various electric motors, instruments, sensors, detectors, radar, Powerful Sintered Samarium Cobalt Rectangular Magnet China Supplier

    High Working Temperature Small Square Super Smco Permanent Magnets Item NO.  MPCO-SCB series
    Grade: YXG-24M / Customized
    Material: SmCo Magnet
    Composite: Sm,Co,Fe and other trace metal elements
    Shape: Block / Rectangular / Bar / Square
    Size: 9x9x3mm or Customized magnet size
    Working Tempt. : 250℃-350 ℃
    Tolerance: +/-0.05mm~+/-0.1mm

    Samarium magnets are magnetic elements obtained by the combination of raw materials such as samarium and cobalt that belong to the group of rare earths, with excellent behavior against corrosion and oxidation. It also maintains a stability to the magnetic curve thanks to the high temperature of Curie. It is a material with very positive coercive values, a factor that favors the resistance to demagnetization, together with the high resistance to high temperatures (up to 350ºC) make these magnets indispensable for certain applications.

    1.Material:30%Samarium, 60% cobalt with the balance being Fe & Cu.
    2.Various: Sm2Co17,SmCo 5
    4. High working temperature:350 degree
    5.Application: motors, watch, transducers, instruments, positional detector,ingenerators, radar and other applications.

    Samarium-cobalt magnets belong with neodymium to the rare earths magnets. There are different SmCo magnets according to the following alloy types:
    SmCo 5: 36% Samarium or Sm2Co17 25% Samarium, Iron up to 18% and copper up to 12%.

    Samarium-cobalt magnets resist to high temperatures but the max. operating temperature is 250°C (SmCo 5) and to 350°C (Sm2Co17). Their energy product is about 260 kJ7m³.
    Samarium-cobalt magnets are quite resistant to external magnetic fields and need not be protected against corrosion. SmCo Magnetic Block Permanent Magnet with N S Pole
    Samarium-Cobalt magnets are a little more expensive than neodymium ones because of the rarity of the materials and because of the difficult manufacturing process. Custom Superior Powerful Samarium Cobalt Sheet Magnet