High Speed Motor Magnet for Club Car DS Precedent IQ With ADC Motors

/High Speed Motor Magnet for Club Car DS Precedent IQ With ADC Motors
  • High Speed Motor Magnet for Club Car
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  • High Speed Motor Magnet for Club Car DS Precedent IQ With ADC Motors, Club Car Advanced Motor – High Speed Magnet, Compression Molding Isotropic bonded magnet, Club Car Iq High Speed Motor Magnet | Ds/Precedent 48V Electric Golf Cart Sensor High Speed ADC Motor China Supplier

    Injection Molding Bonded High Speed Motor Magnet for Club Car DS Precedent IQ With ADC Motors Features:
    Brand New OEM quality high speed motor magnet.
    This will only work on Club Cars DS & Precedent IQ with ADC motors
    Increases cart speeds up to 19 MPH on non-lifted carts and 22 MPH on a lift cart with no loss in torque
    This replaces the magnet in the speed sensors, not the whole sensor itself
    You can expect to see 2-8 MPH gain depending on the health of your batteries

    High speed motor magnet for Club Car IQ with Advanced motors. For use with Club Car Precedent and DS with ADC motors only. Add up to 5 MPH to overall speed depending on mechanical condition of the cart.
    The radially ring magnet family includes sintered rare earth magnet, sintered ferrite magnet, hot-pressed/hot-deformed magnet and bonded magnet. Different kinds of magnet have its own mode to make radially oriented ring magnet.

    The item listed for sale is a performance upgrade item for a Club Car electric vehicle. Yes it’s true. Just by swapping your factory motor magnet for this one, you can gain higher speed at a very low price. However, I’m not going to sugar coat it like the rest of the sellers on here. I’m an experienced golf car technician and I’m going to explain to you exactly how this works. I’m sure you’ve noticed that my photograph says 39.2MPH. You’re probably thinking there’s no way! Well, you’re right. It’s a mathematical possibility based on RPM. Not a reality. Allow me to give you a little lesson in golf car 101….

    In 2002 Club Car came out with what they call the IQ system. It’s a 48 Volt SepEx system, very similar to it’s predecessor, the PowerDrive Plus vehicle. However, the IQ system had one big advantage. It’s programmable. A scanner can be plugged into the IQ vehicle and different speed settings can be applied based on how the vehicle is intended to be used. 4 different speed options are available. They are as follows..

    Speed Setting 1 = 8 MPH
    Speed Setting 2 = 13.2 MPH
    Speed Setting 3 = 14.8 MPH
    Speed Setting 4 = 19.6 MPH
    Now that this information is out there let me give you a little information about how the vehicle regulates speed. There is a sensor on the end of the motor that monitors Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). Each of the 4 speed settings has a designated RPM that the controller has memorized. For instance, if a vehicle is set on speed setting 3, the controller will not, under any circumstances, allow the vehicle to run faster than 14.8 MPH. This is controlled via electronic motor braking. Speed setting 4 will allow you to run 19.6 MPH but there’s a catch. It costs money for people to go to a dealership and have their vehicle “upgraded” to speed setting 4 because it costs money for the dealer to order the “Code” to unlock this settings. Most dealers usually charge somewhere around $100 to make this change. By changing to speed setting 4, the ONLY thing you have done is changed the settings of the electronic rev limiter in the controller to allow for a higher rate of speed before it begins to slow itself.

    The magnet listed on this page is what is considered a “half-pulse” magnet. Once installed on your motor it will still communicate to the speed sensor exactly as the other magnet did, but only half as often. This means that you can mathematically double the speed for each of the 4 speed settings. This means your new list of speed settings would look something like this based on RPM limits…

    Speed Setting 1 = 16 MPH
    Speed Setting 2 = 26.4 MPH
    Speed Setting 3 = 29.6 MPH
    Speed Setting 4 = 39.2MPH
    Hard to believe isn’t it? Yep, I know. Don’t believe it. Because it won’t happen. There’s no way a golf cart with a factory powertrain will ever achieve a speed anywhere close to some of these numbers. This is due to a lack of power. Therefore, the bottom line is the fact that this magnet won’t give you a boost of power or torque. All it does is raise the electronic rev limiter so high that the vehicle will never reach it. In turn, you will be able to run the full potential of your vehicle and not have to worry about motor braking to slow you down. The regenerative motor braking becomes completely disabled when this magnet is installed and will allow you to “free-wheel” down hills much like the older vehicles did back in the 1990s that didn’t have any speed restrictions. High Speed AC Motor Ring Bonded Magnets

    If you can not feel the motor braking keeping your cart from exceeding it’s maximum programmed speed, fix your cart before buying this magnet. If you can’t run maximum governed speed with a factory magnet, you definitely won’t exceed that speed with this one until you fix the problem.