High Speed AC Motor Ring Bonded Magnets

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  • High Speed AC Motor Ring Bonded Magnets
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  • High Speed AC Motor Ring Bonded Magnets, 12-poles Multipole Bonded High Speed Motor Sensor Magnets, Compression Molding Isotropic bonded magnet, Anisotropic injection molded bonded magnet, Multi-polar Permanent Radial Ring Magnet China Supplier

    High Speed AC Motor Ring Bonded Magnets Features:
    Polars Number: 12-poles bonded magnet
    Type: Permanent
    Composite: Compression NdFeB
    Shape: Ring
    Application: Motor, Speaker, Electronics, Toys, Sensors, Encoder
    Material: Bonded NdFeB Magnet
    Coating: Black Epoxy
    Color: Black / Grey
    Magnetism direction: Multi-poles
    Sample: Avaliable

    High speed motor magnet for Club Car IQ with Advanced motors. For use with Club Car Precedent and DS with ADC motors only. Add up to 5 MPH to overall speed depending on mechanical condition of the cart.
    The radially ring magnet family includes sintered rare earth magnet, sintered ferrite magnet, hot-pressed/hot-deformed magnet and bonded magnet. Different kinds of magnet have its own mode to make radially oriented ring magnet.

    The isotropic magnet could be magnetized in any direction with suitable L/D ratio can be magnetized into radially-oriented ring magnet due to the restrictions of magnetization fixture.

    Sintered rare earth magnet:
    Radially oriented ring magnet usually refers to sintered magnet. The sintered rare earth magnets can be divided into NdFeB and SmCo. The orientation system for radial oriented sintered rare earth magnet is more complicated than simple sintered one to apply the radially orientation magnetic field during the molding process. The ring blanks with radially oriented can be magnetized into multi-polar ring magnet. For sintered rare earth magnet, the customers should bear the cost of orientation coil and magnetization fixture, and therefore the development cost of this kind of magnet is very expensive. Compression Molded Hall Effect Sensor Magnets 64 Poles

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