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  • High Precise Magnetic Rotor Assemblies, Rotor and Stator magnetic lamination assemblies, Magnetic Motor Shafting, Electric Motor Shafts, permanent magnet motor shafting China Manufacturer

    MPCO MAGNETICS can design, produce and supply High Precise Magnetic Rotor Assemblies Magnetic Shaft to customer requirements.

    1. Materials
    Magnet: Neodymium Magnet
    Sleeve: Austenite stainless steel, such as SS304, SS316.
    Main part: 20# steel, martensitic stainless steel

    2. Advantages
    Magnetic coupling for standard applications
    Hermetically sealed
    No contact of torque transmitting elements
    No maintenance necessary
    High efficient can optional

    3. Recommended applications
    -Chemical industry
    -Oil and gas industry
    -Refining technology
    -Pharmaceutical industry
    -Centrifugal pumps
    -Top drive mixers/agitators

    High Speed rotors – in some applications the magnets need additional sleeving to assist in holding the magnets in place. We work with customers, often using their designs, to ensure the magnets stay on the rotor at all times.

    Assembling – we can either assemble fully magnetised magnets onto the rotor. Or we can look to assembly unmagnetised magnets onto the rotor and magnetic afterwcards in situ (if the design allows post-assembly magnetising to be feasible). Magnetic Rotor Shafts for Electric Motor

    Magnetic rotor assemblies include:- motors, generators, high speed actuators, wind turbines, magnetic pump couplings, printer rotors, direct drives, etc.

    We suggest use sintered neodymium magnet with grade N40SH according to conventional motor working temperature. This grade magnet can work under 150℃.

    Due to Moisture climate in India, samples will be catching rust easily. We can use superior quality metal in shaft, such as SUS410 or SUS430 instead of 40cr steel.

    In your sample, there are two ring magnets in the shaft; we will make one single ring. If you need better starting performance, it can be solved by magnetizing.

    As per your sample, 500pcs, our unit price is xxx. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question for magnet order.

    Sample needed before trial order
    Thanks for your quotation. We accept your price, please send us 10pcs sample for our trial and approval purpose. Now we are ready to pay for samples. Please let us know till when you can send the sample.