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    Halbach Array Magnets Assembly Technical Specifications:
    Material Neodymium Magnet
    Mold No.: MPHARM-10
    Max. work Temp.: 150 ℃
    Magnet material: NdFeB N35SH
    Housing material: steel alloy
    Coating Phosphate Passivation
    Magnetism direction K3 assembled
    Lead Time About 30 days
    Sample Avaliable
    Certification ISO9001
    Tolerance +/- 0.05mm

    MPCO Permenent Neodymium Magnet is customized as per your design. The grade of magnet is N35-N52(M,H,SH,UH,EH,AH). If catalogue and technical support of magnet and magnetic assembly is needed, we are reachable on website any time. N35sh neodymium magnet is the most common grade and used widely. If there is no idea of grade, we can recommend you the suitable grade as per the working environment and temperature of permanent magnet. As having strategy cooperation with CHINALCO, our permanent magnet price is very competitive.

    Halbach Arrays can take many forms with many magnetic patterns. Linear Halbach Arrays are magnets in a row to have a magnetic pattern on the one side. Cylindrical Halbach Arrays can have magnetic fields on the inside our outside diameters. Varying pole numbers are possible, depending on the design. Halbach Arrays usually do not require ferromagnetic materials such as mild steel to carry magnetism – the magnets carry and add to the magnetic field within the magnetic circuit to allow for higher magnetic fields to be utilised in the application. Cylinder Halbach Array Neodymium Magnet Assembly

    Typical applications for Halbach Array Magnets Assembly include motors, generators, food production, levitation, medical, R&D, University projects, etc.

    1.There is a special department for managing the Magnet Assembly, which is consists of two sub-departments; it is leaded by experienced engineers, in order to meet
    the customers’ requirements accordingly.
    2.In order to make the least delivery time, we will choose the best production technology according to different products for customers.
    3.It is a better way to purchase the Magnet Assembly, compared with buying separately; because it decrease the cost of assembling and shipping.
    If you need a custom made magnet or magnet assembly, we can help you.
    All we ask is that you send us adrawing or sketch of your requirements.
    If you are not sure what you need then please feel free to call us and ask for a member of our technical sales team or send an e-mail