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    Ferrite Countersunk Pot Magnets Cup Magnet Item No. MPFPM-04 series:

    Material: Housing steel and Magnetic core hard sintered ferrite disc permanent magnet.
    Version: Housing, galvanized. Magnet, Ni coated or Zn coated
    Note: Shallow pot magnets, These magnets are pressed or glued into the receiving holes.
    Hairline cracks in the magnetic material are unavoidable for technical reasons in the D=16 mm to 80mm version. They do not impair the attracting function of the magnets in any way.
    Temperature range: max. 200°C.

    Our strong Countersunk Ferrite Pot Magnets could be even stronger! These are our models of ferrite pot magnets. The core is a strong samarium disc built in a steel pot. Not only will the steel pot keep the magnet safe from damages but also the magnetic force is higher! Because of the steel there is only one side that can be attached. The optimal surfaces are steel and iron. If you search for really strong magnets in steel pot we suggest our neodymium magnets. Ferrite Cup Magnets with Cylindrical Borehole

    Special feature: these magnets can not be fixed or mounted using screws. For this reason we suggest to place and glue them in a drilled pilot hole and can be used at a temperature up to 200 °C.

    These ceramic countersunk pot magnets dimension is D 16mm to 63mm dia, the H is 4.5mm to 14mm. These flat pots weight is 600g to 5000g and The pot coating is Ni-Cu-Ni plating, Zn-plated or Chrome-coated for a durable, quality finish. We offer an extensive holding force range of magnetic lenses is lifting up 1.8kg to lifting up 29kg, it is very strong for mounting and holding.

    They are ferrite and not neodymium magnets like the otherwise identical countersunk pot magnets. They have therefore a lower adhesive force and are larger. But they are cheaper than neodymium magnets and can be used outside as well. We also carry screw-on neodymium magnets without pot. These are the ideal magnets for when intense holding power is required.

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