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    Features of FeCrVCo FeCrCo Hard Magnets – Fe-Cr-Co Permanent Magnets

    FeCrCo magnets, a new type has come into the world in the 1970’s. These magnets’ properties are featured with higher permanent magnetic property, comparable to those of cast AI-NI-Co magnets, and with a good ductility in the as-quenched state,but with Co content 50% smaller than AlNiCo magnet. FeCrCo machinable permanent magnetic alloy is also famous for its great plasticity, ductility and machinability,this performance far better than casting permanent magnetic alloys, while its high working temperature outshines that of NdFeB permanent magnet. They can be made into semi-hard magnetic alloy, especially suitable for making the small and thin elements with accurate dimensions and complicated shapes, such as wire, tube, bar, strip, etc., with strip as thin as 0.05mm, wire products as thin as 0.1mm, if mechanically processed by filing, milling, digging, drilling and punching.

    FeCrCo alloys, with outstanding magnetism and plasticity, are widely used in electro-acoustical, electronic industry, telephone, tachometer, micro-motor, loudspeaker, micro-rely-swith, nautical instrument, space aviation instruments, automobile meters, automatic controlling meter, compass, oil exploration, hydraulic locate gauge, computer-embroider machine, signal produce system, guard against theft, relay counter, hearing aid, magnetic medical treatment, family appliances,etc. All our supplied are strictly according to National standard, being examined by professional inspectors. Anisotropic Ring FeCrCo Magnets


    Electro-acoustical, electronic industry, telephone, micro-motor, loudspeaker, icro-rely-swith, computer-embroider machine, guard against theft, relay counter, family appliances
    Automobile meters, automatic controlling meter, hydraulic locate gauge, tachometer
    Nautical instrument, Space aviation instruments
    Magnetic medical treatment
    Oil exploration, hydraulic locate gauge

    Characteristic of FeCrCo Magnets
    Machinable prior to the heat treatment
    High working temperature.
    Low-temperature coefficient; Very Temperature stable.
    Various shapes. they can be produced to very thin and very small part.
    Low Hc

    (BH)max Br Hcb Hcj d α(Br) remarks
    Min Typ
    kJ/m3(MGOe) mT(kGs) kA/m(kOe) kA/m(kOe) g/cm3 %/K
    FeCrCo4/1 4-8(0.5-1.0) 800-1000(8.5-10) 8-31(0.10-0.40) 9-32(0.11-0.4) 7.7 -0.03 Isotropic
    FeCrCo10/3 10-13(1.1-1.6) 800-900(8.0-9.0) 31-39(0.40-0.48) 32-40(0.41-0.49) 7.7 -0.03
    FeCrCo12/4 12-18(1.5-2.2) 750-850(7.5-8.5) 40-46(0.50-0.58) 41-47(0.51-0.59) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo12/5 12-16(1.5-2.0) 700-800(7.0-8.0) 42-48(0.53-0.60) 43-49(0.54-0.61) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo1/1 1-9(0.1-(1.1) 900-1300(9-13) 2-8(0.025-0.1) 2-8(0.025-0.1) 7.7 -0.02 Anisotropic
    FeCrCo12/2 12-36(1.5-4.5) 1300-1450(130.0-14.5) 12-40(0.15-0.5) 13-41(0.16-0.51) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo24/6 24-30(3.0-3.8) 900-1100(9.9-11) 56-66(0.70-0.83) 57-67(0.71-0.84) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo28/5 28-36(3.5-4.5) 1100-1250(11.0-12.5) 49-58(0.61-0.73) 50-59(0.62-0.74) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo44/4 44-52(5.5-6.5) 1300-1450(13.0-14.5) 44-51(0.56-0.64) 45-52(0.57-0.64) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo48/5 48-55(6.0-6.9) 1320-1450(13.2-14.5) 48-53(0.6-0.67) 49-54(0.61-0.68) 7.7 -0.02


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