Epoxy Potting Magnetic Stator Linear Motor

/Epoxy Potting Magnetic Stator Linear Motor
  • Epoxy Potting Magnetic Stator Linear Motor
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  • Epoxy Potting Magnetic Stator Linear Motor, Curved Linear Motor Stator Magnet, Brushless Permanent Magnet Linear Motor Stator Magnetic Assembly, Industrial Magnet, Linear Motor Magnetic Stator Assemblies China Factory

    Epoxy Potting Magnetic Stator Linear Motor Features:
    Material NdFeB Magnet, Steel Hardware
    Coating Passivation & Phosphating, Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, CR3+Zn, Tin, Gold, Sliver, Epoxy , Teflon and more.
    Magnetization Direction Radially Magnetized, Axially Magnetized, etc.
    Grade N35-N52 (M.H.SH.UH.EH.AH)
    Size Customized Size
    Used Industrial Application

    A linear motor is an electric motor that has had its stator and rotor “unrolled” so that instead of producing a torque(rotation) it produces a linear force along its length. However, linear motors are not necessarily straight. Characteristically, a linear motor’s active section has ends, whereas more conventional motors are arranged as a continuous loop.

    Features of Linear Motors

    1. Light duty motors for lower force applications with same durable and rugged construction
    2. Fan cooled and liquid cooled options for maximum performance
    3. Custom designs for any application
    4. Available as a component in a complete system solution that includes brushless linear motors, drives, motion controllers, cabling, filters and accessories

    Benifits of Linear Motor

    Maximize positional accuracy while minimizing maintenance costs
    Easy installation
    Rugged and durable design with a single moving part ensures consistent and dependable operation
    Long lasting operation for years of service with minimal downtime
    Versatility achieved through factory or on-site programming for initial commissioning and changing customer requirements
    Precise control for any required position, velocity or force profile
    Controllable and variable force at any point during operation (dependent upon drive selection)
    Built-in thermal and fault detection enables system protection and increases effective service life


    “U-channel” and “flat” brushless linear servomotors have proven ideal for robots, actuators, tables/stages, fiberoptics/photonics alignment and positioning, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, vision systems, and in many other industrial automation applications.

    The Magnetic Motor Parts could be produced according to the supplied drawings.These products are ONLY supplied to the specified clients who supply the drawings. Curved Linear Motor Stator Magnet

    The motor is all about magnets and magnetism: usesmagnets to create motion. If you have ever played with magnets you know about the fundamental law of all magnets: