Customzied Permanent Horseshoe Ferrite Teaching Magnet

/Customzied Permanent Horseshoe Ferrite Teaching Magnet
  • Customzied Permanent Horseshoe Ferrite Teaching Magnet
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    Customzied Permanent Horseshoe Ferrite Teaching Magnet Specification:
    Part No.: MPFHM-8
    Material: Hard Ferrite / Ceramic
    Shape: Horseshoe (U-shape)
    Grades: Y20
    Color: custom / red-green / red-blue / No or pure color
    Application: School Educations Tool / Kids Toy

    Ferrite magnets are produced from Strontium or Barium, and are a low cost alternative to other magnetic materials such as AlNiCO and other alloys. However, they offer lower energy levels (Br) and are brittle in nature. They can operate up at relatively high temperatures, and offer fairly good resistance to corrosion. Cast Special Horseshoe Shape Ferrite Magnet with N & S Pole
    We have an assortment of stock ferrites in various shapes and sizes in ceramic 1, 5 and 8 grades.
    1) Cheapest magnet material
    2) Good anti-corrosion performance, no surface treatment needed.
    3) Excellent temperature stability
    4) Best choice for industrial application
    5) All shapes can be customized
    6) Compact crystal
    7) provide isotropic and anisotrpic

    1. Material: SrO, BaO, Fe2O3.
    2. Grade: Y10T, Y20, Y25, Y30, Y30BH, Y35, etc.
    3. Size and Shape:Cylindrical,Arc, Segment, Block, Ring, and up to customer’s request.
    4. Application: Widely used in ammeter, audio, phone, TV, dynamo, Motors, Meters, Speakers, Sensors, Medical Machine products, Magnetic Sport products, etc. Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet with North & South Identified
    1) Low cost, high energy.
    2) Good anti-corrosion performance, no surface treatment needed.
    3) Excellent temperature stability.
    4) provide isotropic and anisotropic.
    5) Good electrical insulation, excellent demagnetization resistance
    6) High coercivity, high resistance, long-term stability, economic price
    7) Best choice for industrial application.
    Magnetic material is not standard product,so you can provide details information to us to make it.
    1.Choose the product grade you need.

    When we think about magnets, many people will think about the horseshoe magnet. The image of these magnets has been planted in our brands ever since first learning about them in science experiments at school! We have a wide range available with pull strengths up to 47kg. Ferrite Horseshoe U-Shaped Magnets for Teaching
    This Ferrite Compound Magnet Is Shaped Like A Horseshoe, And
    Measures 1 2/8″ X 1 1/8″. This Type Of Magnet Has Many
    Applications Due To Its High Coercivity And Low Cost. * Made Of
    Ferrite Compound * 1 2/8″ X 1 1/8″ * Variety Of Uses * Excellent
    Quality BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal

    These pocket-size Ceramic (Ferrite) horseshoe magnets are weakly magnetized making them perfect for performing classroom experiments and teaching the basics of magnetism.

    Material Iso/
    Remanence Coercivity Intrinsic Coercivity Max Energy product
    Br(mT) Br(Gs) bHc(KA/m) bHc(Oe) iHc(KA/m) iHc(Oe) (BH)max(KJ/m 3 ) (BH)max(MGOe)
    Isotropic ≥200 ≥2000 ≥125 ≥1600 ≥210 ≥2600 ≥6.5 ≥0.8
    Y20 Anisotropic ≥360 ≥3600 ≥135 ≥1700 ≥140 ≥1760 ≥20.0 ≥2.5
    Y25 Anisotropic ≥380 ≥3800 ≥144 ≥1800 ≥150 ≥1880 ≥24.0 ≥3.0
    Anisotropic ≥390 ≥3900 ≥184 ≥2300 ≥188 ≥2350 ≥27.6 ≥3.4
    Anisotropic ≥390 ≥3900 ≥240 ≥3000 ≥256 ≥3200 ≥27.6 ≥3.4
    Anisotropic ≥410 ≥4100 ≥208 ≥2600 ≥212 ≥2660 ≥30.4 ≥3.8