Customized Ring Precision Bonded Injection Ferrite Magnets

/Customized Ring Precision Bonded Injection Ferrite Magnets
  • Customized Ring Precision Bonded Injection Ferrite Magnets
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  • Customized Ring Precision Bonded Injection Ferrite Magnets, Special Design Custom-made Tiny Plastic Bonded Electrical Brushless Motor Rotor Injection Ferrite Magnet, BLDC Motor Magnets

    Customized Ring Precision Bonded Injection Ferrite Magnets Feature:
    Name Injection Magnet
    Coating No
    Size As customers’ requests
    Tolerence +/-0.05mm
    Technology Injetion moulding
    Used BLDC Motor, Automatic equipment, D/C motor and Sensors

    Injection magnet is composed of nylon and magnetic powder, which is produced by injection moulding with special injection moulding machine. Compared with other methods of making permanent magnets, injection moulding has unique and irreplaceable advantages.
    It is of strong anti-corrosion ability and high dimensional precision control.
    It is mainly used in automatic equipment, brushless DC motor, rotor, frequency conversion fan motor and so on.

    Magnets are over molded with a very thin layer of polymers like POM, Nylons, PPS etc. to either shield them from dust, grease, oils & chemicals OR for some functional performance of the magnet assembly. MPCO Magnets provides precision engineered range of over molded magnets which are available in dimensionally accurate designs which make them ideal for miniaturization.

    Starting from the tiny sensor magnets to the ones used in motors, products developed by MPCO Magnets have been proven and recommended by industry’s best companies. The fact that MPCO Magnets has been and continues to be the sole supplier of specialist magnets and magnetic assemblies to several clients is a testimony to our versatile experience. A diverse range of industries such as automotive and electric vehicles, advanced electronics, electrical, renewable energy, consumer goods etc. rely on MPCO Magnets’ products. Plastic Bonded Electrical Injection Ferrite Magnet

    The polymer over molding helps the magnet to be used for tight fit, snap fit etc. kind of fitments over the mating parts
    Due to the good wear & lubricating characteristic of these polymers, over molded magnets can be used where they can slide continuously on another shaft
    Magnets can be over molded with certain polymer foams to reduce the specific gravity and create float assemblies which buoyant
    Most of the cases magnets are over molded by polymers to shield them from environmental challenges and make them weather proof and durable
    Over molding ensures ease in cleaning of the magnets in certain applications like filters, drain plugs etc. where the magnet may be required to be removed and cleaned at certain intervals