Counter Multip-Poles Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnet

/Counter Multip-Poles Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnet
  • Counter Multip-Poles Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnet
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  • Counter Multip-Poles Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnet, radial multipole bonded ferrite ring magnet, Multip-Poles Magnetizd Radially Ring Permanent Magnets for Scale, radial multipolar ferrite motor magnets for counter

    Counter Multip-Poles Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnet Specification:
    Item No. MP-FMR Series, 12-Poles permanent magnetic rings
    Size: Customized.
    Magnet use: Permanent Magnet Motor, Rotor.
    Magnetization: radial multipolar
    Delivery: Existing specimens are sent free of charge, and production takes about 15-20 days.

    12 Pole Magnetic Ring Injection Ferrite magnet, Multi-pole Magnetic Rings
    Material BaO or SrO and Fe2O3.
    Type Mainly producing permanent anisotropic bonded ferrite magnet.
    Shape Professional in manufacturing ring magnet, round and cylindrical shape.
    Size customized
    Application Widely used in motor.
    Features Cheapest magnet material,High coercive force.
    Package Export Standard Packing or customized
    Export Ningbo or Customized
    Delivery time According to customers’requirement.

    Injection Plastic Magnets, Injection molding bonded magnets must be produced on respective molds, the mold is made of wear-resistant and pressure-resistant tool steel with the very smooth polished mold cavity. The very complex shape of the magnets can be created by the injection molding mold, and the other corresponding components can be molded together with the magnet that made into components. This molding process makes component production in a simple way. At the same time, the process can also meet the product’s strict dimensional tolerances requests.
    DIRECTION OF MAGNETIZATION of Counter Multip-Poles Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnet
    Could be according to customer’s requirement to make radially, axially, diameter oriented magnetized etc. and even for magnetic filed wave, we also could control in the type of sine wave, square wave and dual hump wave etc. Permanent Sintered Ferrite Radial Magnetic Ring
    We have prefect craft guarantee in controlling lower value on magnetic field poles range and keeping consistency in magnetic filed.

    Precise ring magnet for micro motor
    • used for automobile gauges motor, timekeeper motor,cooling fan micro motor.
    • Product characteristics: High dimensional accuracy, small concentricity and multipole magnetizing.


    Unit FPA6-1.5 FPA6-1.8 FPA6-2.05 FPA6-2.1 FPA12-1.9 FPA12-2.0 FPA12-2.11
    Residual Induction Br Gs 2390 2750 2920 2897 2812 2881 2940
    Coercive force Hcb Oe 2140 2350 2235 2323 2383 2431 2310
    Intrinsic coercive force Hci Oe 2715 2780 2839 2727 2853 2914 2788
    Maximum product Energy BH MGOe 1.4 1.87 2.05 2.07 1.95 2.04 2.11
    Density G/cm3 3.27 3.62 3.75 3.79 3.64 3.7 3.75
    Binder / PA6 PA6 PA6 PA6 PA12 PA12 Pa12
    Max operation temperature ºC 150 150 150 150 125 125 125