Ceiling Magnet Hook with Screw

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  • Ceiling Magnet Hook with Screw
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    Ceiling Magnet Hook with Screw hang from the ceiling instead of using up space.

    Of course, you hang up signs with ceiling magnets. But couldn’t you also hang up many other objects within easy reaching distance, instead of taking up space on the floor or workbench? For example, you could use a ceiling magnet to hang up a workpiece that needs to be painted so that you have it freely suspended in front of you. Why drill yet another hole in your profiled metal sheet ceiling, when you could just as easily suspend the lamp or mains cable with ceiling magnets?

    Heavy Duty Holding Neodymium‎ Ceiling Magnetic Hooks

    Heavy Duty Holding Neodymium‎ Ceiling Magnetic Hooks

    The benefits for you:
    Brings objects, which are meant to be hung, to the ceiling.
    Creates a fixed point on the ceiling without drilling, plugging and screwing.
    Has a sturdy screw hook.
    Can be attached with a click, and easily moved or removed as required.
    Never leaves ugly traces.
    Prevents leaks, such as those caused by drilling.
    You can’t trip over things that are suspended.
    Product features for your benefit:

    Suitable for cramped spaces where flat grippers cannot be used.
    Matt-silver finish. Discreet corrosion protection.
    Very high pull forces on suitable holding surfaces.

    Super Strong Magnetic Ceiling Hook for Suspended Ceilings attaches to the gridwork of suspended ceilings. Hook helps to hang signs, posters, decorations in classrooms or hallways quickly and easily without damage to paint or tiles.

    Item No. Ø
    overall height mm Adhesive force
    MP-CHM-16 16 30 100
    MP-CHM-20 20 40 150
    MP-CHM-25 25 40 250
    magnetic hook hanging ceiling system

    magnetic hook hanging ceiling system