Brass Alloy NdFeB Halbach Array

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  • Brass Alloy NdFeB Halbach Array
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  • Brass Alloy NdFeB Halbach Array, N42H Strong Neodymium Halbach Array Ring Magnet, k=2 arrangement Circular NdFeB Halbach Array Magnets for linear coupling, Cylinder Halbach Array Segment Permanent Magnet

    N42H Strong NdFeB Halbach Array Magnet Feauture:
    Material Neodymium Magnet
    Technical Specifications
    Mold No.: MPHARM-02
    Size: 110mm O.D. (100mm OD magnets) x 43mm I.D. x 75mm length
    (segment magnet length 75mm)
    Pole number: 4 poles (8 magnets)
    Max. work Temp.: 150 ℃
    Magnet material: NdFeB N42H
    Housing material: Brass alloy
    Coating NI-CU-NI
    Magnetism direction K2 assembled
    Lead Time About 30 days
    Sample Avaliable
    Certification ISO9001
    Tolerance +/- 0.05mm

    The circular Halbach array is a magnetised cylinder composed of neodymium magnets producing an intense magnetic field confined within the cylinder. NdFeB Halbach Array

    A Halbach Array is a special configuration of magnets to maximise the magnetic field on one side whilst reducing it on the other.
    In the ring form presented here, the magnetic lines are focussed inside the ring.
    Halbach arrays are the cutting edge of new design in relation to generators, motors, magnetic bearings and many more applications.
    These magnets are supplied in sets of 12 magnets and are NOT assembled in the ring arrangement for you.
    You will need to assemble the magnets in the desired locations as described by the diagram below.
    I recommend you will have a sufficient workshop and engineering knowledge to setup the ring arrangement.
    The magnets are very powerful and you cant simply place them together with your hands, you WILL NEED specific tools to hold in place and secure these magnets.

    NdFeB Halbach magnet is a special magnetic component consisting of NdFeB permanent magnets that can provide controlled high magnetic field strength without the use of magnetically permeable materials. Halbach magnets, with the smallest magnet through a certain direction of magnetization to produce the strongest magnetic field to reduce the cost of materials.

    Halbach Magnet’s main function is holding, fixturing, linear coupling application, so it is mainly used for motor, generator, magnetic resonance, magnetic levitation high-speed rail,pre-polarization, chemical single crystal growth. For example, the traditional permanent magnet motor often use distributed winding to weaken the influence of harmonic magneto motive force. In the Halbach motor because of its high magnetic field sine distribution, harmonic magnetic field less affected, it can be used centralized winding. With Halbach motor magnet arrangement, can reduce the torque ripple of the motor, so the bearing requirements for the motor greatly reduced. neodymium halbach array magnet

    In addition, the magnetic levitation super high-speed rail is the principle of passive rejection, its periphery is surrounded by a series of magnets. These magnets are arranged in the Halbach array so that the train has an outward magnetic force, not to the passenger’s end. Each cabin is suspended in the air, not contact with the ground, that makes running up without friction. It is because there is no friction and close to the vacuum, it makes the train can achieve very fast speed.