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    Bonded Samarium Cobalt Magnets Feature:
    Part No.:  MPCO-BCSM series
    Type: Permanent
    Composite: Compression & Injection Samarium Cobalt Magnet (Rare Earth SmCo)
    Size / Shape: Custom
    Application: Motors, Devices, Printers, Sensors, CD/DVD ROM and so on.
    Packing: cartons / pallets
    Delivery Date: 10-18 days
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

    Bonded Samarium Cobalt is the highest grade of material that can either be made by using nylon 12 or compression molded using epoxy. It was developed by Seiko Epson Corporation and can be made radial up to 15 Mgoe, cross field up to 17 Mgoe, and axially by similar method for 15 Mgoe. Typically used in high quality stepping motors, this material has been in the market place for over 20 years and MPCO has yet to have a reject of any kind.

    Anisotropic bonded NdFeB permanent magnets have wide potential applications in the areas such as brushless DC motors, spindle motors, and stepping motors due to their excellent processing property and high magnetic properties. Anisotropic NdFeB bonded magnets prepared by hydrogen-disproportionation–desorption-recombination (HDDR) process have large energy product at room temperature. However, they are not stable at ∼100°C, which is the working temperature of many electric motors. In order to improve their thermal stability, we developed bonded NdFeB/SmCo magnets and investigated the effects of powder particle size and SmCo content on their magnetic properties. We proposed a model to clarify the filling effect of the powder, which played a key role in the enhanced (BH)max when reducing the SmCo particle size. As for the SmCo content, the bonded magnets showed improved (BH)max at 100°C-150°C and thermal stability with the increase of SmCo content. And through adjusting the SmCo content, the remanence temperature coefficient and coercivity temperature coefficient from 25-150°C were able to be regulated in the range of -0.14%/°C to -0.04%/°C and -0.51%/°C to -0.14%/°C, respectively. This work provides a design strategy and a facile route to improve the magnetic properties and thermal stability of the bonded magnets.

    Compression Bonded Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnets

    Compression Bonded Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnets

    Grade Process Orientation
    SAM 15> Compression Diametral/Transverse
    SAM 5 Compression
    SAM 15R Compression Radial
    SAMLET 9R Injection Radial
    SAM13A Compression Axial (thickness)
    SAMLET 10A Injection Axial (thickness)
    SAM 15A Compression Axial (thickness)
    SAM 11R Compression Radial
    SAM 17 Compression Diametral/Transverse
    SAMLET 3 Injection
    SAMLET 7R Injection Radial
    SAMLET 8A Injection Axial (thickness)
    Isotropic Bonded SmCo Ring Magnets

    Isotropic Bonded SmCo Ring Magnets

    Product Name: Epoxy Bonded Samarium Cobalt Magnet (SAM Series)
    Chemical Name:RE 2 TM 17; RE – Sm, TM – Fe, Cu, Zr
    Material or Component Weight % CAS No. ACGUH TLV (mg/m^3)
    Samarium (Sm) 20-30 7440-19-9 NA
    Iron (Fe) 10-20 7439-89-6 NA
    Copper (Cu) 2-12 7440-50-8 NA
    Zirconium (Zr) 2-4 7440-67-7 NA

    Physical Characteristics
    Boiling Point: NA
    Vapor Pressure: NA
    Vapor Density: NA
    Specific Gravity: 6.6
    Melting Point: 1350 C
    Evaporation Rate: NA
    Odor: None detectable
    Solubility in Water: Insoluble
    Appearance: Solid gray color

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